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Find My Bing Advertising ID

Log in to your Bing advertising account and in the top left corner, you can find your account ID, underneath your account name. In the image example below, it is S010TTMG Need Help?


Google Ads Christmas Naughty List

Do NOT do the following things in Google Ads during the Christmas period. For text, display, youtube or shopping ads. Do not change ROAS on the day or even few days before peak Use...

Demographic Options For Google Shopping 0

Demographic Options For Google Shopping

The beta program for creating demographic options will soon be finished and released to the general public. For a very long time have we sent feedback to Google to have demographic options for Shopping...


Add User To Facebook Ad Manager

To add a user to Facebook Ad Manager log in to your ads account and in the top right corner, you will see the gear icon, click on the icon. You will now see...

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