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Helping Merchants & Agencies Improve Ranking & Publish Products To Google Ads Text & Shopping, Microsoft Text & Shopping, Facebook & Instagram Shopping and DuckDuckGo.

FeedArmy helps with existing feed solutions, consultations, management, policy violations & more…

Over 325+ customers a year use FeedArmy, including:

Key Fundamentals Towards Success

Setting up a successful advertising campaign starts at the core.

Data Feed

A high quality and complete data feed, is the basis of your advertising ranking.


Setting up & maintaining an effective shopping campaign is key to increased sales & return of investment.


Increase conversions by improving your website quality, trust factor & checkout.

I'm a Google Certified Partner

What is it?

Google Partner is Google’s platform for agencies and online marketing professionals who want to get the most out of there relationship with Google.
I take my Google Shopping and Google Ads Marketing seriously.

Why does it matter?

It means that I am trusted by Google and that my clients can trust me, too. This gives FeedArmy a range of benefits, including access to the latest online marketing technologies and industry research.

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Google Premier Partner

I'm a Google Platinum Product Expert

Google Ads Platinum Product Expert

What is it?

Google Product Experts are volunteers who have a positive attitude, share their product knowledge with other users, and participate in the community consistently.

Why does it matter?

Alongside being a Google Badged Partner, being a product expert allows my customers to recognize the knowledge and experience I have. Being a product expert brings certain perks no-one else has, such as testing new betas, receiving dedicated support on complex questions, and more.

Being a product expert keeps my knowledge sharpened every week, providing a constant deep understanding for improving advertising efforts.

Since when?

I have been a product expert since 2016


Knows Google Ads and Google Merchant Center

Feed Management

Google Shopping has a very complex policy requirement that is updated frequently. Learning everything yourself or even with trial and error can lead to your Google Merchant Center account getting suspended. Even checking your feed every week for issues is a big task. Instead of letting you get a headache, why not leave all the complexity over to a specialist, making sure your feed is 100% correct. Emmanuel will also make sure that any future policies, requirements, or improvements are implemented. Allowing you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Improve Ranking

Improving your sales and return on advertising spend is key to success, including your website, data feed, and advertising strategies. With over 12 years of experience in eCommerce and equally in advertising, Emmanuel can set up and manage a continuously growing campaign.


Don't need a management service? That's OK, Emmanuel offers a full consultation and explanation on what needs to be improved to achieve your goals.

Suspensions, Errors & Warnings

With years of experience and helping hundreds of merchants each year, resolving suspensions or resolving warnings and errors is an easy task. You most likely have already spent hours, if not weeks in figuring out Google's complex policies, with little or no signs of progress. Remove the stress and hire an expert!

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Stefano M
Stefano M
24. April, 2021.
After dealing with Google’s GMC suspension for to “misrepresentation” for 4+ months and 4 review requests later we were finally able to get unsuspended. Before coming to FeedArmy, I thought I had done everything I possibly could to get my site aligned with Google, boy was I wrong. Emmanuel wrote a thorough document of all the things needed to fix in order to get approved, on both the GMC account and Website. He also considers 3rd party factors which Google looks at as well, which I believed helped a lot. After implementing some changes from FeedArmy’s consultation, I submitted a review and still got rejected. However, Emmanuel did a free check up for me and pointed out the things I was doing wrong. After I fixed those and submitted another review I was approved!! It was such a gratifying feeling of solving a problem that has been persisting for months now! Thank you!
Daniele Donzello
Daniele Donzello
22. April, 2021.
Really Good experience! They solved our problem fast and good! Reccomended!
22. April, 2021.
Emmanuel is thoroughly professional and does the job! Getting this issue resolved by a developer was not easy to find - luckily I was recommended this service to fix our google rejects. Thank you for a great service!!
Erik Myhre
Erik Myhre
21. April, 2021.
Emmanuel's content, guidance and publicly available code has proven very useful, and I appreciate him sharing his insights with the community, even for the benefit of non-customers. We don't use FeedArmy at the moment, but are looking to upgrade from the built-in Shopify Google Feed, and will definitely be evaluating FeedArmy as our long-term solution. This is what leading with value first is all about!
David Krutky
David Krutky
21. April, 2021.
Really like the advice and guidance FeedArmy provided. It helped us not only with knowing our way around advertising policies, but also with how to be as transparent as possible which has a much bigger effect on the business overall.
Oday Rawashdeh
Oday Rawashdeh
17. April, 2021.
i try a lot to get my merchant account approved, but all i got that misrepresentation message, until i contact Emmanuel who drive me and give me support until i got my merchant approved. Thanks Emmanuel
3. April, 2021.
Finally I got my GMC activated again, it was tough task. without Emmanuel help I don't think that was possible, and I think he is the only one in the market who have the knowledge to handle google suspensions. Thank You Emmanuel!
John Stanley
John Stanley
1. April, 2021.
Helped un-suspend our google merchant account. What a stressful and horrible time it was, but thanks to Emmanuel, he made it very easy and was a pleasure to work with. Definitely would recommend for suspensions with Google! 10/10 - Green Club
28. March, 2021.
We recently launched a new store that got suspended by Google Merchant straight away without any clear reason except 'Unacceptable Business Practices'. Found and contacted Emmanuel. After a few initial emails, I decided to employ his service though I'm still a little sceptical. He reviewed the site and gave us a list of 20+ things to fix (a lot of them are small details). Got back my merchant account within 48 hours once I fixed these problems. Emmanuel is also very responsive and replies to my emails within 24 hours. Way better than a lot of the 'award-winning' agencies that do nothing and charge thousands.👍👍👍
James Lobsenz
James Lobsenz
26. March, 2021.
I was extremely impressed with Emmanuel's professionalism and expertise in resolving issues with my Merchant Center account. He was meticulous and responsive throughout the time I worked with him, and provided clear, detailed explanations with examples for all of his recommendations. If you are interested in his services, you most likely have encountered his advice on various forums where he provides assistance for basic questions in managing your GMC account. While his input on these forums was helpful to me, his direct contracted assistance was an order of magnitude more helpful. Working with Emmanuel was an excellent investment for our business. Thanks Emmanuel!