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FeedArmy helps with existing feed solutions, consultations, management, policy violations & more…

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Over 250+ Merchants a Year Use FeedArmy, Including:
Setting up a successful advertising campaign starts at the core.

Key Fundamentals Towards Success


Data Feed

A high quality and complete data feed, is the basis of your advertising ranking.



Setting up & maintaining an effective shopping campaign is key to increased sales & return of investment.



Increase conversions by improving your website quality, trust factor & checkout.

FeedArmy Is a Google Partner

What Is It?

Google Partner is Google’s platform for agencies and online marketing professionals who want to get the most out of their relationship with Google.
FeedArmy takes Google Shopping and Google Ads Marketing seriously.

Why does it matter?

It means that Google trusts FeedArmy and that our clients can trust FeedArmy, too. This gives FeedArmy various benefits, including access to the latest online marketing technologies and industry research.

Emmanuel is also a Google Ads Diamond Product Expert

What is it?

Google Product Experts are volunteers who have a positive attitude, share their product knowledge with other users, and participate in the community consistently.

Since When?

I have been a product expert since 2016.

Why does it matter?

Alongside being a Google Badged Partner, being a product expert allows my customers to recognize the knowledge and experience I have. Being a product expert brings certain perks no-one else has, such as testing new betas, receiving dedicated support on complex questions, and more.

Being a product expert keeps my knowledge sharpened every week, providing a constant deep understanding for improving advertising efforts.

  • Top Contributor Google Ads 2016 – 2017
  • Gold Product Expert Google Ads 2018 – 2019
  • Platinum Product Expert Google Ads 2020
  • Diamond Product Expert Google Ads 2021 / Current
Diamond Product Expert 2022

Emmanuel Is A Google Product Experts Award Winner

What Awards Did Emmanuel Get?

Every year Google hand picks product experts that have achieved extraordinary feats.

Emmanuel received a Google Product Experts Education Award of 2021.

In 2023 Emmanuel received the Products Experts Summit 2023 Tailwind Champion Award

Emmanuel Flossie Award 2023

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Knows Google Ads and Google Merchant Center


Google Shopping has a very complex policy requirement that is updated frequently. Learning everything yourself or even with trial and error can lead to your Google Merchant Center account getting suspended. Even checking your feed every week for issues is a big task.

Instead of letting you get a headache, why not leave all the complexity over to a specialist, making sure your feed is 100% correct. Emmanuel will also make sure that any future policies, requirements, or improvements are implemented. Allowing you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Improving your sales and return on advertising spend is key to success, including your website, data feed, and advertising strategies. With over 12 years of experience in eCommerce and equally in advertising, Emmanuel can set up and manage a continuously growing campaign.

Don’t need a management service? That’s OK, Emmanuel offers a full consultation and explanation on what needs to be improved to achieve your goals.

With years of experience and helping hundreds of merchants each year, resolving suspensions or resolving warnings and errors is an easy task. You most likely have already spent hours, if not weeks in figuring out Google’s complex policies, with little or no signs of progress. Remove the stress and hire an expert!

Need A Google Ads Specialist?

Success Stories

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I Highly Recommend FeedArmy!
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I have found Emmanuel to be extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and generous with his time. We had a query concerning our Shopify store, relating to a Google Merchant issue. The issue was covered in an excellent FeedArmy tutorial on YouTube. So I reached out to FeedArmy. Emmanuel replied to my email promptly and was able to answer my question directly and without fuss. I would thoroughly recommend FeedArmy as really knowing what they are talking about - and caring about the customer and our online community. Thank you Emmanuel!
FeedArmy is the Best!
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Emmanuel is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We had an issue with Merchant Center Listings and Emmanuel quickly responded with a solution. We highly recommend FeedArmy!
Emmanuel is a one man special forces army
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Emmanuel is a one man special forces (feed)army that delivers when it matters the most. When Google's algorithms inexplicably turn against your business and your demands for support fall on deaf ears at Google: Emmanuel will swoop in, analyse and point out all the things you can do to get the issue resolved. It took us a long time to fix the issue, but meanwhile we are rolling again and earning several thousands each week, which is a whole lot better than nothing!
FeedArmy is absolutely amazing
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FeedArmy is absolutely amazing. Emmanuel has fixed all our issues and he has gone beyond and above. He truly is an expert at Google Merchant. Highly recommend him, thanks.
Fixed synching issue with google merchant and shopfiy
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Did great job fixing an issue I had with my variant size sku's not synching with my google merchant page. Knowledgable, fast and communicate well. I would recommend to anyone needing help with google merchant.
Check Out FeedArmy !! 5 Star
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I spent weeks on my own trying to resolve my Google Merchant Centre issues with no luck. I wish I had found Emmanuel sooner! He is an expert in the game. With his help and very detailed consultation, I was approved on Google yesterday. Emmanuel was always there to answer my questions with very fast responses. Thanks again Emmanuel ! 🙂
Invaluable Support
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Emmanuel was extremely helpful in getting our Merchant Center issues resolved. He provided thorough recommendations and feedback. His insights were invaluable. We're so happy we found someone who could guide us through a difficult and frustrating situation. A million thanks.
The Very Best at Google Ads & Merchant Center
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If you are having trouble with your merchant centre feed then FeedArmy are the very best to sort it quickly an without a fuss. Emmanuel is an expert in his field and provides clear explanations of what is happening and how it will be fixed. I highly recommend Feed Army!
Feed Army is the best
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FeedArmy is the best! We've been using their services for a couple of years now for Google, GMC and Microsoft ads. We tried a few other companies before this one (including trying to do it ourselves). They are fantastic to deal with, very responsive, and super knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.
FeedArmy is the absolute best in Google Ads!
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FeedArmy is absolutely top-notch for Google Ads, Merchant Center, and Google Shopping setup and management. Emmanuel is honest and fair, and he really cares about the success of his clients. Five Stars all the way. Highly recommend to anyone looking to get started or looking to optimize with Google Advertising.