New Title & Descriptions Requirements For AI Content in Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center has introduced updated guidelines for product titles and descriptions, effective April 10, 2024, to accommodate the integration of AI-generated content. These updates necessitate separating AI-generated and traditional content within your product data feeds. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in warnings or product disapprovals for incorrectly submitted AI-generated titles or descriptions.

All AI-generated content must use the new attributes: ‘structured_title‘ and ‘structured_description.’ Two optional sub-attributes supplement these attributes: ‘digital_source_type‘ and ‘content‘. The ‘digital_source_type’ sub-attribute should be marked as ‘trained_algorithmic_media’ to indicate the use of AI in content generation. Meanwhile, the ‘content’ sub-attribute should contain the AI-generated text itself.

Submitting only the ‘content’ sub-attribute implies that the content was not generated by AI. It’s important to note that if title and structured_title or description and structured_descriptions are provided, Google will prioritize the title and description attribute. This update signals Google’s effort to integrate AI transparently into product listings while maintaining clear distinctions between AI-generated and original content.

Here is an XML example provided by Google how it should look like if you submit AI generated content:

    Stride &amp; Conquer: Original Google Men's Blue & Orange Power Shoes (Size 8)

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