Cases Case Study


The client wanted to migrate there shopping feed to FeedArmy and as a secondary request, they wanted me to manage their account. They wanted to keep a reasonable sales volume and move away from there self-management setup and let me improve there advertising.

Migrate data feeds and implement advanced shopping campaign while keeping a cost per conversion of $17.

Goal 1 Achieved

Resolve data feed issues and set up an advanced shopping campaign. Here it was a monthly improvement, as you can see in the graph, the sales went up every month while keeping the cost per conversion under $17 until January 2019 (Goal 2)

Google Shopping Case Study 5

After December 2018, sales cost increased and sales volume dropped, the Christmas period had an effect. To keep the momentum going, we concluded to test new areas with a larger total budget and higher cost per conversion target.

Goal 2
Goal 2 Achieved

With a higher cost per conversion, I could start bidding higher for brand awareness, as this will result in more sales in the long term and short term. I achieved this by increased bidding on relevant search terms in the shopping campaign, creating showcase ads and implementing text ads. By doing this, I increased sales by 30%

Google Shopping Case Study 6

Achieving the clients goals time over time, gives me great satisfaction