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I provide audit's to over 50+ merchants every year, who need specialist knowledge, including:

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My clients come from all over the world, including : UK, US, Canada, Australia, and many more

What does the audit contain?

Great and clear service with full knowledge of Google Shopping requirements.


The success of advertising is defined by your tracking ability, implementing all tracking techniques allows you to focus on areas that matter.

Data Feeds

The foundation of advertising on Google Shopping is your data feed, with so many elements that contribute towards your ranking, it is important that all attributes are added and optimized.

Landing Page

Even if you have a great click through rate, it does not gaurantee anything. Reducing bounce rate and increasing sales require an effictive landing page.


The final area for a sale needs to be as smooth as possible, any issues or design flaws will increase the bounce rate in a negative way.

Google Adwords

Not only do you need a great data feed or landing page, setting up an effective advertising campaign is key to success. Targeting different search terms with different bids, increases your profits.


Research product keywords & negative keywords.

Competitor Research

Analyze competitor metrics, such as ad spend, search terms, landing pages, etc...


I support English & Dutch languages.


Improve your advertising efforts based on return of investment (ROAS).

Doe you help integrate the required changes?


After the audit is completed, I will help with all Data Feed, Google Merchant & Google Adwords related tasks.

Do you help with website tasks?

No, I will explain everything in detail for your web developer to resolve or implement.

I'm a Google Certified Partner

What is it?

Google Partner is Google's platform for agencies and online marketing professionals who want to get the most out of there relationship with Google.
I take my Google Shopping and Adwords Marketing seriously.

Why does it matter?

It means that I am trusted by Google and that my clients can trust me, too. This gives FeedArmy a range of benefits, including access to the latest online marketing technologies and industry research.

View my Google Partner Certificates

Google Audience Expert Certificate Google Display Certificate Google Audience Search Certificate Google Shopping Certificate

I'm a Google Rising Star

What is it?

Rising Stars are volunteers who have a positive attitude, share their product knowledge with other users, and participate in the community consistently.

Why does it matter?

Along side being a Google Badged Partner, being a rising star ensures my customers that I have the know how to give them a successful advertising experience..

View more details about Google's Rising Star Program

I have over 10 years experience in eCommerce

eCommerce Badge


Clients hire me not only because I know how to connect there products to Google Merchant or setting up a Shopping Campaign in Adwords, but also because I have been working with eCommerce Merchants for over 10 years. This allows me to understand the business at a higher level.


Hiring me will allow you to compete with competitors, by suggesting how to improve both data feed, website, advertising and remarketing.

Success Stories

Client Review : Cameron Redgwell

Emmanuel is the best of the best when it comes to Google Adwords and Shopping campaigns. I couldn't recommend someone higher then him. If you want to see results and have a top guy doing it for you Emmanuel is your man! Thanks so much for everything mate.

Client Review : Andy Lomax

Feed Army is a great piece of software allowing the user to easily optimise their google product listing ads. I was having trouble setting up promotions and came across Feedarmy within half an hour my promotions were set up. Excellent integration with shopify and all the other ecommerce platforms. Support from Emmanuel is excellent and he always takes the time to listen and gives great advice.

Client Review : Mohammed Kan

The software is easy to use, well structured and the support is exceptional. The videos and guides are also very helpful.

Client Review : Marlena Dupelle

Emmanuel is very helpful and he is with you in every step of the process. We are very happy with the quality and the communication and we will continue working with feedArmy.

Client Review : John Molloy

#AdWords Ninjas! Total experts in their field!

Client Review : Nigel A.

Great work and really started to increase the Google Shopping visitors. Great help, good communication and looking forward to working with Emmanuel in the future.

Client Review : Saf K.

Excellent Service and feed army is an excellent product. Would recommend to anyone who wants to utilise google shopping.

Client Review : John M.

True professional, totally reliable. Great work again... recommended to any small business!.

Client Review : Toby L.

A very encouraging first month work with Emmanuel. Responds quickly to messages and provides insight and workable solutions.

Client Review : Jennifer Y.

Emmanuel is a very patient expert who makes sure that non-technical me. undertsands all of the technical 'stuff'. That is no mean feat - well done Emmanuel, it is a pleasure to have you on the team.

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