I Provide Google Ads & Merchant Center Audit's

My clients come from all over the world, including : UK, US, Canada, Australia, and many more
Over 50+ merchants hire me every year, who need specialist knowledge, including:

What Does The Consultation Document Contain?


What do I do?

A consultation is where I analyze the account and write down issues, recommendations, and improvements, explaining why you should improve it with referenced links on how to implement it. The referenced links can be my articles or Google’s official documentation.


Do you include step by step guides?

The purpose of the consultation is to identify and explain the issues or improvements. Step by step implementation guides, if available, are provided using FeedArmy articles or Google’s official documentation. If you are unable to follow the guides, you can hire me to implement the changes. Some implementations may require someone else.


What if I have more questions?

All questions due to unclear explanations will be answered free of charge. Any questions related to referenced articles or documents are not free of charge.

Do you help integrate the required changes?



After the audit is completed, I will help with all Data Feed, Google Merchant Center & Google Ads related tasks.


Do you help with website tasks?

No, I will explain everything in detail for your web developer to resolve or implement.

Great and clear service with full knowledge of Google Shopping requirements.

What does the audit cover?

The success of advertising is defined by your tracking ability, implementing all tracking techniques allows you to focus on areas that matter.

The foundation of advertising on Google Shopping is your data feed, with so many elements that contribute towards your ranking, it is important that all attributes are added and optimized.

Even if you have a great click-through rate, it does not guarantee anything. Reducing the bounce rate and increasing sales require an effective landing page.

The final area for a sale needs to be as smooth as possible, any issues or design flaws will increase the bounce rate in a negative way.

Not only do you need a great data feed or landing page, setting up an effective advertising campaign is key to success. Targeting different search terms with different bids, increases your profits.

Need A Google Ads Specialist?

Research product keywords & negative keywords.

Analyze competitor metrics, such as ad spend, search terms, landing pages, etc…

I support all languages. However, for non-English languages, Google translate will be used.

Improve your advertising efforts based on the return of investment (ROAS).

I'm a Google Certified Partner

What Is It?

Google Partner is Google’s platform for agencies and online marketing professionals who want to get the most out of there relationship with Google.
I take my Google Shopping and Google Ads Marketing seriously.

Why does it matter?

It means that I am trusted by Google and that my clients can trust me, too. This gives FeedArmy a range of benefits, including access to the latest online marketing technologies and industry research.

Google Premier Partner

I'm also a Google Platinum Product Expert

Google Ads Platinum Product Expert

What is it?

Google Product Experts are volunteers who have a positive attitude, share their product knowledge with other users, and participate in the community consistently.

Why does it matter?

Alongside being a Google Badged Partner, being a product expert allows my customers to recognize the knowledge and experience I have. Being a product expert brings certain perks no-one else has, such as testing new betas, receiving dedicated support on complex questions, and more.

Being a product expert keeps my knowledge sharpened every week, providing a constant deep understanding for improving advertising efforts.

Since When?

I have been a product expert since 2016.

I have over 12 years experience in eCommerce

Ecommerce Badge White


Clients hire me not only because I know how to connect there products to Google Merchant Center or setting up a Shopping Campaign in Google Ads, but also because I have been working with eCommerce Merchants for over 12 years. This allows me to understand the business at a higher level.


Hiring me will allow you to compete with competitors, by suggesting how to improve both data feed, website, advertising and remarketing.


Michael Geraghty
Michael Geraghty
16. July, 2021.
Google Merchant Centre Suspension My Google Merchant Centre account was suspended for a long time until i found Emmanuel. He conducted a thorough review and sent me a report with all the points to correct on my website and merchant centre. I followed his intructions to the letter and that was it, unsuspended. My only regret was not contacting him sooner. Thanks Emmanuel!
Miguel Asa
Miguel Asa
13. July, 2021.
Very professional work
9. July, 2021.
Saves us so Much Time - Highly Recommend Emmanuel has been managing both our brands for over a year and we have been really pleased with the results we have been achieving. The brief was to keep the accounts above 500% ROI and this has been consistenly achieved. He is very knowledgeable and affordable and we can confidently leave this part of the business in his capable hands freeing up so much of our time. He is easy to contact and answers emails promptly. I would highly recommend his services.
Julian Bartram
Julian Bartram
6. July, 2021.
Emmanuels Audit was an amazing insight into all things as an ecommerce brand owner I either have missed or had zero knowledge in. The report was very detailed and amazing value for money. I have implemented most of the changes that Emmanuel has suggested.
Ayuen Kuot
Ayuen Kuot
1. July, 2021.
This company is the TRUTH!! I had my merchant account banned for 6 months and didn't know what to do and then I reached out to feed army after reading their reviews and man can I say they don't disappoint. If you're reading this and hesitating I can tell you from firsthand experience they do what they say they do. Emmanuel was super quick with his responses and also very clear and concise about what needed to be changed in order to have my account reinstated. Couldn't be happier with the results and the price I paid them was nothing compared to what I lost not reaching out sooner.
27. June, 2021.
Website and gmc consultation I hired Emmanuel to do an audit of my site for gmc and he picked up on some very important technical issues I would have never been able to catch on my own. The audit was completed quicker than expected and with fast, clear and efficient communication throughout. Thanks again.
Shannon FRee
Shannon FRee
24. June, 2021.
Emmanuel is the MAN! Let me tell you guys, if you have any feed issues or suspended GMC give this man a call and he will get you fixed up with as many details and fixes he can possibly find. I can't tell you how much money has been thrown away with people claiming they could help me that never went anywhere good. Not only did he take the time to track down 24 issues with my website that needed things implemented or corrected he also gave descriptive detail on how and where to fix these things and even links to examples of how it should be. You ROCK man and thanks so much again! 10 out of 10 RECOMMEND!
Austin Hill
Austin Hill
15. June, 2021.
Fast, Accurate, Professional. 5 Stars! The feedarmy team went from first contact to job completed perfectly in less than 2 days. Affordable, knowledgeable and friendly. Looking forward to using them again in the near future.
Margarita Paschali
Margarita Paschali
8. June, 2021.
Helped us with GMC suspension Emmanuel helped us so much with our GMC suspension. Highly recommend his services and consultations! Thank you 🙂
3. June, 2021.
After Months of Fighting with Google Merchant center suspension. This guy Help me resolve my problem in 2 days. One of the best !!! I very recommend his service !!