Glasses & Sunglasses Case Study


The client a reseller in designer eyewear, contacted me for an account review of there Google Merchant Center and Google Ads Shopping campaign setup. After the consultation, the client hired me to implement the improvements.

Resolve data feed issues and setup an advanced shopping campaign.

First Goal
First Objective (Google Ads Shopping Campaigns)

After the consultation, it was time to make all the changes required to increase sales volume and profits

Performance Case Study 3

After a lot of feed issues, we migrated the Magento feed to my FeedArmy application so that improvements can be implemented.

Feed Issues
Copy the successes to new target countries

With the client delivering all over the world, we started duplicating the successes to other countries.

Google Ads Performance Case 1

While having full control over the shopping campaign is great, when there are 25k products to manage, we wanted to test if smart shopping would be able to do the same. After 2 months of testing, we realized that it was able to perform at the same level. This was achieved with a great data feed setup and due to high volume sales.

Changing campaign strategy

Our ultimate goal was to keep a ROAS of 1000%, while I achieved the clients goals, I also increased the sales volume by 31%

Performance Case Study 4