Why use a managed service?

Future proof service

With the ever evolving Google Shopping policies, requirements and ranking improvements. Staying on top of the latest and competing with competitors is a big task.


Removing violations, warnings or how to further improve the ranking, requires a key set of understanding and skills.


Be it 10 products or 30k. All new products will be optimized to the highest standards.


Proactivly analyze the data feed for any future problems or violations, allowing you to continue your business without interuption.


I do nothing else than Google Shopping, with over 10 years experience in eCommerce and over 5 years in Google Shopping.


Cost effective pricing based on product count, never includes revenue share.

A common sight is seeing errors and warnings in your Google Merchant Center dashboard.

An effective solution is to let me resolve it for you. I check and resolve all issues on a weekly schedule.


Extensive analysis of your current data feed warnings & errors.


Suggest effective improvements that will help in Adwords ranking, sales and more.

Resolve Issues

Apply required changes using your existing setup, feed rules or integration with the FeedArmy Application.

What customer say

Grow your impressions and draw sales to your business.

Optional Data Feed Solution

Enhanced data management at a granular level.
Manual Editing - Import Rules - Diagnostics - & more

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FeedArmy offers a great source of eCommerce information.

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Understanding Warning priceValidUntil In The Structured Data & Data Testing Tool

The priceValidUntil is not a new attribute and has existed for many years. However, you might think it is new due to Google's structured data testing tool, giving you warnings since the end of last year. Warnings When seeing warnings (not errors) in Google's structured data testing tool it is there to notify you of…

What Can You Learn From Landing Page Performance in Google Shopping

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Simple pricing. Advanced features.

Taken into consideration : time saving, quality service, expert specialist

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Excellent prices for small and large merchants.
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