You Can No Longer Remove Yourself From Google Merchant Center

You Can No Longer Remove Yourself From Google Merchant Center

Google creates a new headache by decreasing usability. While Google Merchant Center Next was built with the mindset of moving forward in user-friendly UI and functionality, this month (April 2024), Google has moved a step backward in usability by restricting the ability to unlink yourself from a Google Merchant Center account when you are a standard user.

After extensive emailing and back-and-forth with solutions that led nowhere, Google has confirmed that you can no longer unlink yourself when you are a standard user.


Please be advised that user role management within both Merchant Center Classic and Next is restricted to administrators. While we acknowledge instances where users might have been able to modify roles previously, our current security protocols state that only admins can add, delete, or edit user permissions through the “Users” tab.

Previous versions of Google Merchant Center (both Next and Classic) may have different account management options. This functionality has potentially been adjusted to strengthen the overall security and privacy measures within the Merchant Center platform. As Google Merchant Center undergoes continuous development, we regularly assess and refine functionalities to ensure alignment with industry best practices and user requirements.

To facilitate your removal from Google Merchant Center, you may leverage the following options:
Direct Request: You may directly contact the administrator of your Google Merchant Center account and request removal of your user access.
Authorization Assistance: If necessary, we may notify the account administrator of your intention to be removed from the account. However, we may require their authorization to complete this process.

Not being able to remove yourself means you must contact the admin to ask to be removed. If the admin does not respond, you need to contact Google to remove yourself, which I predict will take another five emails to get to the point.

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