Fix Google Merchant Center Suspension

With over 15+ years of experience, having a Google Ads Diamond Product Expert status and a Google Ads Partner certification has given me the ability and knowledge to identify website and accounts issues.


Before You


Requesting Approvals

Avoid any further Google Merchant Center appeals or reviews. Any request made without resolving the issue may lead to a permanent suspension.

Creating New Accounts

Do not create new Google Ads, Google Merchant Center accounts, or websites. These actions circumvent policy violations and may get you banned for life.


Comparing your website to other websites does not mean you are eligible. Google checks each website on a case-by-case basis. It takes years for Google to check all merchants. And Google's review process is related to policy and trust factors.

Hiring Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, etc.

When hiring from freelancing websites, exercise caution. While there are skilled individuals, beware of those with fake reviews or who artificially use services like FeedArmy to boost their reputation.
Many clients eventually hire FeedArmy and report dissatisfaction with services from these platforms, ranging from minimal effort to complete negligence, leading to unnecessary extra costs and, in extreme cases, website damage.
Additionally, many clients find that freelancers often make unrealistic guarantees about their work.

We are highly trained in Google Shopping policies and requirements.
Resolving issues related to:

  • Untrustworthy promotions
  • Unavailable promotions
  • Misleading or unrealistic promotions
  • Misrepresentation of self or product
  • Unacceptable business practices
  • Account suspensions
  • Violation of shopping ads policy
  • Website needs improvement
  • Omission of relevant information
  • Error Disapproved or invalid (1 country)
  • And more…

Whatever your suspension reason is, we can help. The first step you need to take is to stop any appeals, requests, and reviews, and do not contact Google. Everything you do is permanently recorded in your account. As it may do more harm than good, requesting an appeal without resolving all issues may lead to a permanent suspension

We Check Over 100+ Suspension Reasons!

These Areas Are:

Need A Google Ads Specialist?

Process Of Work

Steps & preparations undertaken before requesting a review with Google. The process requires patience and can take up to several weeks to complete.


Website Analysis

Check if your website complies with all policy requirements, recommendations and has a high enough trust factor.


Data Feed Analysis

Check if your data feed complies with all policy requirements.


Google Merchant Center Analysis

Check that your account has all the required settings.


Providing Information

We will provide a document explaining everything that needs to be changed with the consultation based on the analysis.


Review All Applied Changes

Check all applied changes are correct. *One Free checkup included

Google Approval

Google’s review process takes around seven business days. The success of your approval depends on the implementation of my recommendations. Every part of the consultation you decide not to implement may lower the success of your approval. 

Even then, many factors are outside of our control. Therefore, while all requirements will be analyzed, ultimately, the decision is made by Google.


Hire a Certified Google Ads
Diamond Product Expert

What is it?

Google Product Experts are volunteers who have a positive attitude, share their product knowledge with other users, and participate in the community consistently.

Since When?

I have been a product expert since 2016.

Why does it matter?

As a Google Badged Partner and Google Ads Diamond Product Expert, my customers trust my knowledge and experience. This expertise offers unique benefits like early access to new betas, specialized support, and more. Badges are awarded for the previous year’s achievements.

My role as a product expert ensures my skills and understanding of advertising are always up to date.


  • Top Contributor, Google Ads (2016-2017)
  • Gold Product Expert, Google Ads (2018-2019)
  • Platinum Product Expert, Google Ads (2020)
  • Diamond Product Expert, Google Ads (2021-Present)
Google Ads Product Expert 2023

FeedArmy Is a Google Partner

What Is It?

Google Partner is Google’s platform for agencies and online marketing professionals who want to get the most out of their relationship with Google.
FeedArmy takes Google Shopping and Google Ads Marketing seriously.

Why does it matter?

It means that Google trusts FeedArmy and that our clients can trust FeedArmy, too. This gives FeedArmy various benefits, including access to the latest online marketing technologies and industry research.

The Very Best at Google Ads & Merchant Center
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If you are having trouble with your merchant centre feed then FeedArmy are the very best to sort it quickly an without a fuss. Emmanuel is an expert in his field and provides clear explanations of what is happening and how it will be fixed. I highly recommend Feed Army!
Jack WCheck Out FeedArmy !! 5 Star
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I spent weeks on my own trying to resolve my Google Merchant Centre issues with no luck. I wish I had found Emmanuel sooner! He is an expert in the game. With his help and very detailed consultation, I was approved on Google yesterday. Emmanuel was always there to answer my questions with very fast responses. Thanks again Emmanuel ! 🙂
Invaluable Support
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Emmanuel was extremely helpful in getting our Merchant Center issues resolved. He provided thorough recommendations and feedback. His insights were invaluable. We're so happy we found someone who could guide us through a difficult and frustrating situation. A million thanks.
Teodoro ArmenterosShopify and Google Integration!
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Emmanuel is amazing to work with. He is super fast and responsive and resolved all my issues with Google Merchants. He made sure my Shopify store was integrated correctly. He was extremely patient as I spent months upgrading and updating my store
Dale Parsons
Thank you so much for your help…
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Thank you so much for your help Emmanuel! Its a great end of the week, and end of a lot of stress to get our Google Merchant Centre 'Misrepresentation' suspention issue resolved - your help and indepth recommendations have been instrumental in getting us approved again, and have been a great source of knowledge which will assist us into the future. Thanks again. We'll be sure to engage you again for anything like this (hopefully not needed!) in future...
Thank you
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I cannot express enough gratitude to Feed army, particularly Emanuel, for their outstanding assistance in reinstating my Google Merchant account. Their expertise and guidance were invaluable throughout the process, and I couldn't have asked for better advice. Emanuel went above and beyond to understand my situation and provided clear, actionable steps to resolve the issue. His professionalism, knowledge, and prompt responses gave me the confidence that I was in capable hands. I truly appreciate his efforts in helping me overcome the obstacles and getting my account back up and running.
Excellent service
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Emmanuel helped me massively when I recently had my Google Merchant Center account suspended. Very professional approach to his work, replies quickly and provided me with a top consultation service. I am now back and active in Google!
Feedarmy is hats off the best GMC Audit
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Feedarmy is hats off the best GMC Audit company we worked with so far. We tried several others that did not even came close to the knowledge of Emmanuel. We got a 20+ checklist of things to improve.
The Watch Artisan
Great communication
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Emmanuel and the team at Feed Army have been a pleasure to work with, his communication is great and replies to emails very quickly. He takes pride in his work and completes all projects to a high standard. Many thanks.
My website is finally back working
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My website is finally back working after 5 months suspended by Google. Thanks to Emmanuel and his lengthy detailed precised report. Super fast reply to emails and assist me whenever I have questions. Thank you again for your amazing service. Highly recommended to everyone ^_^

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$ 399*
  • Data Feed
  • Google Merchant Center
  • Website
  • Trust Factors
  • Industry Standards
* All invoices will be charged in THB (Thai Baht), currencies will be converted from USD to THB using Google Finance on invoice creation DateTime.
Contact Us for Details on Agency / 3rd Party Pricing.
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No, Decisions made to approve or disapprove you are made by Google. Even when you follow all requirements, Google can still suspend you.

An official Google Partner can not make guaranteed claims; if they do, they violate Google's Partner Program Policy.

Absolutely not. Creating new accounts or websites when you have an active suspension is considered circumventing policy violations, which is a severe violation that will result in a potential permanent suspension.

Reviewing Google Merchant Center, the data feed and the website takes 1 to 2 weeks.

  1. I will first analyze all associated areas (Google Merchant Center, Data Feed and Website)
  2. I will provide a document with all the required changes and explanations
  3. You can then apply the changes, or if needed, I can assist in implementing the changes (except any website development, I will help in communication with your developer to complete the tasks)
  4. Analyze all the applied changes

Refunds are not available for consultations. As our service is tailored to your specific account and website, we dedicate considerable time and effort to providing personalized and high-quality advice. Therefore, we are unable to issue refunds once the consultation has been completed


Tight On Budget? And Don’t Need Personal Assistance? Try The Tips Below!

Google has indicated in an email that you should add a cookie consent system.

Ensure your business details match the payment details on all platforms. Especially all Google platforms.

Only have one Google Ads and One Google Merchant Center account. Creating multiple accounts when suspended is considered circumventing policy violations.

Only have one website linked to your business. Only in certain situations can you have multiple websites. In general, suspended merchants have multiple websites for no valid reason other than to gain an unfair advantage.

If you already have existing suspensions on other accounts, you must first resolve these issues before resolving your additional accounts’ problems.

Make sure you generate reviews from orders placed on your website. Ensure all reviews are genuine, and you have a mix of positive and negative reviews.

If you get reviews that are not verified from a purchase, remove the review.

Make sure your phone number is answered during business hours listed on the website and Google My Business.

Your business address must easily be found on Google Maps. And connected to Google My BusinessBBBFacebook if eligible.

Your business premise must have the ability to accept packages and legal documents. And have someone at the premises during business hours listed on the website and Google My Business.

Track all availability, pricing, applicable taxes, and shipping policies accurately and listed on the website.

Validate and or confirm you have the appropriate reseller license and certificates from your distributor.

Verify product status, is “in stock “or “out of stock”, and that the availability is verified with actual stocked goods—both on your website and in your data feed.

Avoid frequent availability changes during one day. Google requires stable availability information.

When ordering products, make sure no one can purchase more volume than what you stock. For example, do not allow customers to order 1000 products when you only have 20 in stock.

As with the availability status, make sure you have accurate product pricing and are up to date in the data feed and that Google has collected this info.

Only list 1 product price. If you have multiple products, consider submitting different landing pages for each product.

Don’t sell products you can not deliver to the customer. And don’t sell products you can not deliver within 1.5 weeks.

Make sure to not copy-paste the same images and text from the manufacturer and or other resellers. At the moment, it seems identical to any other reseller. You will increase the quality of your ranking by taking your images and writing quality content.

Copying content from others will also lower your trust score.
Google may see you as low quality due to not adding additional or different content. The reason behind this is that Google wants to provide users with good listings and user experience. Therefore, if you are not different from any other merchant, there is no benefit.

BTW: just as a side note, this is also for organic listings. You can rank better by having your own content.

Generally, PopUps are not allowed. For example, a pop-up or banner blocks or covers important content and or information for your customers. Instead, have a small icon in the bottom corners that show/hide the newsletter subscription.

Don’t have site-wide discounts when you have never sold the item at its original price. Listing discounts when they are not real is considered misleading.

Do not mislead, make false claims or statements. Such as:

  • If you are selling healthcare, medicine, or supplements, remove any claims or statements not approved by the target country government body.
  • If you a reseller and not an official partner, do not show images or quotes that you are.
  • Don’t suggest you have certificates when you don’t

Starting from August 2021, you can show only one contact method on your contact page. Before this policy update, you were required to show 2 out of 3.


However, this does not change the trust factor. By providing more contact methods and reliable publicly available information allows you to show more trust signals.

My recommendation is to make sure to add the following info to your contact page linked in the footer of all pages:

  • Business Address (PO boxes or Virtual addresses are generally not allowed)
  • Email Address (Use the email that is the same as the domain, ie do not use Gmail or Hotmail, etc.) Make sure the email link is clickable (for example: <a href=”mailto:[email protected]”>[email protected]</a>)
  • Telephone Number
  • Business Hours (even for online businesses)
  • Contact Form
  • Social links (Facebook, Twitter, …)

As of April 2020, Google uses 3rd party tools to verify the trustworthiness of your business. So by adding all the above, you increase your trust factor.

More info:

Also add the physical business address, telephone number and email address in the footer of all pages. And if possible also your business registration number.

Make sure to also add your exact same business address in Google Merchant Center > Wrench > Business Information > About Your Business

Do not add FAQ’s to the contact page, separate this on a FAQ dedicated page.

Make sure the below links are visible and accessible to anyone on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

  • return & refund page
  • delivery / shipping page
  • privacy policy
  • terms and conditions

Add a delivery page with your handling time, estimated delivery time, pricing, and warehouse location. Make sure to write the information clearly, and it can be easily read.
Link this page in the footer of all pages.

This is a rather technical page and should be written by professionals/lawyer. Some eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, have a template available for you to use.
Link this page in the footer of all pages.

The terms and conditions page is a technical page and should be written by professionals/lawyer.
Link this page in the footer of all pages.

The return policy should be based on the delivery day. Not purchase day. The reason is that an item could theoretically be in transit beyond the return policy days, meaning a consumer can never return the goods. In this case, it is considered dishonest. So make sure to mention it on delivery day.

Under what circumstances you offer a return. For each of the listed items below, you need to explain what happens for each scenario.

  • To cancel an order
  • Damaged on arrival
  • Faulty manufacturing or broken after use (What is your warranty)
  • They changed their mind
  • For an exchange
  • Or it’s a wrong product

Explain the initial steps a user must take to initiate a return, such as do they need to call you, do they email you, or do they need to submit a contact form?

Also, explain what documents they need to show and if they need to take a picture of the product.

Also, explain the complete steps to initiate a return, such as an address, email process, what info they need to give you, etc.

Do not mention things you don’t sell. For example, don’t mention flowers if you don’t sell flowers. 

This policy page seems to be a copy-paste from somewhere else. You need to write a professional policy page. To do this, contact a lawyer or policy professional.

Explain when your user can expect a refund and if the refund is to their card, item of equal value, or a store gift card.

In short, provide as much information a client needs to understand the entire process of a return.

More info:

Remove all IP, browser, user modifications. Such as automated currency conversions or changing the website content or design. All users must see the same info, regardless of where they are located.

Allow for guest checkout and do not force customers to accept terms and conditions.

The checkout requires the following policies linked from the footer of the page.

  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Return and Refund
  • Delivery / Shipping Policy Page

Complete all the settings found in the top right corner > gear icon >

You also need to verify your business phone number.

You can verify your phone number by going to GMC > Gear Icon > Business Information > About your business

When submitting product identifiers, the following should be applied.

If a manufacturer has assigned a bar code, then submit brand, MPN (if available), GTIN, and set identifier exists to yes.

If the manufacturer has not assigned a bar code, then remove the values brand, MPN, GTIN, and set identifier exists to no.

While the official documentation does mention, you can submit brand + MPN and ignore GTIN. However, in most cases, this will cause issues and generate warnings such as limited performance due to missing identifiers.

And as of June 2021, specific categories and or countries require barcodes to be submitted, regardless if you have any. So, in this case, you need to get official GS1 barcodes.

A secondary reason for issues is that most merchants tend to use SKU as the MPN values, which is incorrect.

SKU stands for “stock keeping unit” and — as the name suggests — it is a number (usually eight alphanumeric digits) that retailers assign to products to keep track of stock levels internally.

An MPN, or manufacturer part number, is a manufacturer-assigned, unique, alphanumeric value used to identify a product among other products from the same manufacturer.

More info:


Ensure all products don’t have any errors or warnings. To check, go to Google Merchant Center > Products > Diagnostics

If you had disapproved products before receiving the suspension and cannot resolve the individual product disapproval, then remove the products from the feed.

Ensure in Google Merchant Center. You have accurate shipping and tax settings. You can test the shipping and tax prices on individual products by going to Products > All Products > click on your product > scroll to the center of the page.
The tax settings need to be accurate, so double-check your product information page.

Ensure that the SKU in the structured data matches the product id in the data feed submitted to Google Merchant Center.

To check the id in the feed, go to Google Merchant Center > Products > All Products > and view the Item ID column. These values need to match with the SKU in the structured data. 

Double-check you have no errors here:

Offering a promotion or discount that does not exist.

Make sure you add accurate product information and that you follow Google’s editorial guidelines.

Don’t watch easy big-money drop-ship videos or buy in get rich quick scheme. These don’t work.