Requirements For Enhanced Listings On Surfaces Across Google

There are multiple requirements for listing products on Google’s Free shopping listings, ie: Enhanced Listings On Surfaces Across Google. In this article I will cover all the different areas. Submitting Products While there are two ways you can submit products

Google Shopping Free & Paid
Google Shopping Free & Paid

Great news! Google Shopping is now offering free listings. Currently as of writing, this feature is only available in the US. Free listing will be available in the rest of the world within a year. How Does It Look Like?

Increase Google Shopping Sales By Utilizing The Price Tracking Feature.

Google Shopping now has a new feature that allows consumers to check a box to get notified if a price has dropped. Which Devices Are Supported? As of writing only mobile devices are supported. Desktop searches do not have this

How To Get Amazon Products on Google Shopping
How To Get Amazon Products on Google Shopping

This article is written to educate merchants in avoiding policy violations, misconceptions, wasting money and big headaches 🙂 Can I Advertise My Amazon Products on Google Shopping? Simple answer, no you can’t. Google Shopping requires you to claim the website.

Google Shopping CSS, What You Need To Know
Google Shopping CSS, What You Need To Know

With Google Shopping CSS Partners popping up left and right, and with Europe’s decision to enforce other marketplaces to bid for ad slots on Google Web Search (Not Google Shopping). I found that a lot of my clients require some

Google Shopping Seller Filter

The left-hand side seller filter is for merchant names only, not for data feed submitted values. In Google Merchant Center under Busines information > About your business, you can add or edit your business name. Make sure to follow Google’s

New Competitive Metrics in Google Shopping – Absolute Top Spot

As Google Shopping is growing into a larger marketplace, we merchants, agencies and alike require more comprehensive tools to further improve our advertising efforts. It’s therefor great to see that a new feature has been added to Google Adwords which

Google Shopping About Return of Investment

When advertising on Google Shopping it is extremely important to know your targets. Every advertiser should begin advertising based on the return of investment, as this allows the business to survive and grow. By using the return of advertising spend

Map Shopify Apparel Values to Google Merchant Using FeedArmy
Map Shopify Apparel Values to Google Merchant Using FeedArmy

Products that belong in Google’s Taxonomy list of Apparel such as t-shirts, jewelry, ties, gloves etc… need to have colors, size, gender and age group assigned. Not doing this will not allow you to add the products into Google Merchant.

Shopify URL Shows myshopify.com Instead Of My Domain

If you have urls that look like https://mystore.myshopify.com than you need to make sure you have setup the correct domain redirect or you add the correct URL in FeedArmy. Below a detailed tutorial explaining the steps you need to take

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