Google Merchant Center Misrepresentation Verify Identity

Google Merchant Center Misrepresentation Verify Identity

Starting in March 2024, I have seen a few accounts that require you to verify your identity if you are suspended. I am unsure when this happens or in what conditions, as not all accounts require this.

Identity verification is triggered when there’s a discrepancy between the user’s location and the target country. This is based on the account and client details I have for each account with this specific requirement. Understanding this trigger will help you anticipate when identity verification might be required.

Google Merchant Center Verify Identity

When verifying your identity, ensure you follow the steps accurately. For example, the first option would be to choose business or personal. Make sure to choose the correct option for your type of business.

It will then ask you to submit official government-issued documents such as a business license, passport, etc.

Once the details are submitted, you can request a review for your Google Merchant Center account.

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