Unleashing the Power of Google’s Lifestyle_Image_Link Attribute: A Sleeper Feature for Ecommerce Optimization

In today’s digital landscape, product images play a crucial role in the success of an eCommerce business. They are often the turning points that potential customers see when browsing products online and can make or break the decision to purchase. One type of product image that is becoming increasingly important for eCommerce businesses is the lifestyle image.

Lifestyle Image

A special shout out to, Tony Zara, for sharing valuable information on the new lifestyle_image_link attribute. Your findings have opened up new possibilities for showcasing products in a natural and authentic setting, and we are grateful for your contribution to the eCommerce community.

A lifestyle image is a photo of a product in use or a natural setting rather than a traditional product shot. These images are commonly used to build awareness and showcase products in a natural and authentic environment. They can be beneficial for products that are difficult to photograph in a traditional product shot, such as clothing, furniture, or home decor.

One way to include lifestyle images for your products is by using the lifestyle_image_link attribute in the product data specification. This attribute allows you to have the URL for a lifestyle image for your product, which can then be shown to potential customers in ads and organic experiences for your product.

At the time of writing, the lifestyle_image_link attribute is not repeatable. This means that only one image can be submitted. This could be a limitation for some users who may want to submit multiple images to showcase different perspectives of their products. For this, I recommend instead using additional_image_link.

The lifestyle_image_link attribute was quietly launched by Google late last year, and as of now, not many feed platforms have added this in. Unfortunately, this means there isn’t an excellent way to add lifestyle images.

Lifestyle Image

However, you can create a curated supplemental feed if you want to send lifestyle images to Google. This is a great way to give Google a clear signal for which products are lifestyle images and to surface these images in ads and across organic results.

In addition to being shown in ads and organic results, lifestyle images can also be used on your own website and social media channels to showcase your products in a natural setting. This can help build trust and credibility with potential customers and ultimately lead to increased sales and conversions.

In conclusion, a lifestyle_image_link attribute is a valuable tool for eCommerce businesses looking to include lifestyle images for their products. By using this attribute and creating a curated supplemental feed, you can give Google a clear signal for which products are lifestyle images and increase the chances of these images being shown in ads and organic results. This, in turn, can help to build awareness and credibility for your products and ultimately lead to increased sales and return on advertising spend.

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Federico Mark
11 months ago

Hi, I really enjoyed reading your blog post about the lifestyle_image_link attribute. I’m currently working on optimizing my eCommerce website’s search results, and I was wondering if you had any tips on how to use this attribute effectively. Thanks!

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