How To Add Bulk Price In Google Merchant Center / Shopping

Google has recently launched a new attribute named “bulk price,” designed to enable merchants to display additional pricing details for bulk purchases. This development addresses a long-standing issue faced by wholesalers who have struggled to represent bulk pricing accurately on Google’s Shopping. In the past, many merchants could not communicate that products were available at different bulk pricing rather than one price.

This new solution allows for the representation of pricing for multiple quantities, offering a clearer understanding for consumers interested in purchasing larger quantities at a discounted rate. It’s important to note, however, that merchants are still required to enable the purchase of individual units, except in cases where products are sold exclusively in bundles.

The “bulk price” attribute specifically caters to scenarios where a product is priced individually and where you offer a reduced rate for larger quantities, such as ten or more of the same item.

What Do I Need To Do?

To implement this feature, and for this demonstration, merchants can input this information into a spreadsheet, like a supplemental or primary feed, in TSV format (tab-separated values). You can of course set this up in the primary feed using Content API or XML files.

For spreadsheets, we want to add the column labeled “bulk_price(min_quantity:price).” For instance, if a single unit is priced at $20 and a bulk purchase of 5 units is priced at $15 each, the entry would be formatted as “5:15.00 USD” for that product.

abc1235:15.00 USD20 USD

If you offer a purchase of 100 units priced at $10 each, a separate column should be added to reflect this pricing structure.

abc1235:15.00 USD100:10.00 USD20 USD

Additionally, for products sold in predetermined multiples (e.g., a pack of tiles that contains 5 or 10 tiles), it is necessary to include both the “unit pricing measure” and “unit pricing base measure” values to represent the minimum quantity available for purchase accurately.

Price for 1 pack (quantity 5 at $5 each) is $25

Price for 5 packs is $4 each

abc1235:20.00 USD25 USD5ct1ct

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