Google Merchant Center Publicly Added Virtual Model Link Attribute

A new attribute has been officially added to Google Merchant Center, theĀ virtual_model_link, released as a feature for the manufacturer merchant center many years ago, as most merchants don’t use the manufacturer center. This is an excellent addition for Google Merchant Center users.

Virtual model links show your products in augmented reality (AR) or 3D. AR images help customers visualize your product in a natural environment, such as an office space, living room, etc. And 3D images help users see the product from all angles.

Google Merchant Center 3d and AR

This works by creating your own 3D or AR assets using tools such as UX3D, or you can get the help of verified 3rd party partners such as CGTrader, Epigraph, Ocavu and VNTANA

This feature is excellent for furniture, apparel, or any product that can benefit from viewing from any angle or in a live environment.

According to Google, it will take up to 2 weeks for them to review your submitted assets.

Google Merchant Center 3d and AR

You can validate your asset using Khronos gITF or GLB validation tool.

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