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Products Not Showing in Google Shopping Search

Products Not Showing in Google Shopping Search

Please read Google Shopping Free Listing, if you need guidance on this topic, the below is for Google Shopping Paid Ads.

A very simple question with multiple reasons, we will start with the most common and fundamental issues you might have with showing products on Google Shopping.

1) Google Shopping Products Not Visible In Non-Native Countries

As of the 3rd of October 2016, you can no longer view products from countries outside of your own. So, for example, if I’m in France and want to buy a product in the UK and want to use Google Shopping, then I will only see ads from France. Or, if you are in a country that does not support Google Shopping, then, in this case, you will see nothing.

I have explained in more detail about products not being visible on Google Shopping

You can find a full list of which countries Google Shopping supports.

If you do want to see a preview of ads outside your native country, check out this link:

2) Your account / products have not been reviewed yet.

Every account submitting a new data feed or setting up a new account will have an initial manual and automated review. This process can take up to 3 working days (not Saturday & Sunday). To check the status, you can log in to your Google Merchant Center account and click on Products > Diagnostics or Products > All Products if you want to view individual products.

The diagnostics panel shows a graph showing comprehensive data of approved, disapproved, under review, etc.

Google Merchant Under Review

3) Some or all products are in violation or have data feed errors

Check your diagnostics tab inside Google Merchant, you might find Errors and Warnings. Products > Diagnostics

Check your data feed, there might be crawling or import errors. Products > Feeds > Click on your feed > Processing

Data Feed Errors are issues that need to be fixed for the product to be considered for reviewing, not fixing this issue might result in an account suspension.

Warnings are issues that help improve the data feed quality.

4) You have not connected Google Merchant Center to Google Ads

Check your Google Merchant Center account if Google Ads is linked.

In the top right corner, click on the gear icon and Linked Accounts.

Linked Accounts

If your login email address for Google Merchant Center is the same as your Google Ads Account, then you will see your account number listed under Your Google Ads Account. Simply click on link.

If the login details are different, click on the blue plus button and enter your Google Ads account number. You can find this by logging into the Google Ads Account and copying the number in the top left or right corner.

Google Merchant Adwords Linking

5) You have not created a Campaign

Look into your Google Ads campaign and see if you have a campaign. This can be a standard shopping campaign or Performance Max. If you do not see a shopping campaign then create a shopping campaign in Google Ads.

6) Your bids are too low

Your bids could be too low, I always recommend starting with $0.50 / £0.50 to ensure enough breathing room is established for the CPC. If you are using automatic campaigns or bidding, consider using maximize conversions.

7) Titles and Descriptions are not relevant

Ensure that what you are searching for is visible in the titles and descriptions. The titles have a high-ranking factor. Google only shows ads for search terms that match or are relevant to the product title submitted in the data feed.

8) Your quality score is too low

You might find that the landing page experience score is very low on your products. Read the following article to check what the quality score is of your products for Google Shopping

9) You have assigned variants, but some fields are missing

When adding variants, you need to have at least one of the following attributes filled in. If this is not added, you will not gain your full potential.

  • Color
  • Material
  • Pattern
  • Size

10) Image Quality

  • Make sure your images are at least 250 pixels in width and height and are of high quality. Recommended 800 pixels
  • Do not upscale your images
  • Ensure your products are correctly visible


It is strongly recommended to use Google Ads data instead of visually looking for your products in Google Shopping. As this negatively affects your ranking. Want to know more, have a read on why searching for your ads is a bad idea.

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1 year ago

Hi for some reason my products are not showing up when building the Google Ads campaign. My merchant feed doesn’t appear to have any issues but after selecting the Merchant Feed linked to the account, it asks me to select the country where my products will be sold, and all countries come up as “no products”. I have made sure the feed counts with my country but still no working. Any ideas?

fancy panda
fancy panda
4 years ago

every thing is done as above mentioned but still products are not visible in the campaign … please help me to get rid of this issue

2 years ago

Thanks for letting me those tips. But I still have errors on my list even though I make sure to follow tips. It’s really frustrated

Emmanuel Flossie
Reply to  BITTSCanada
2 years ago

If you still have issues listing your products, please contact [email protected] for personal help.

Squidgy Designs
Squidgy Designs
6 years ago

For point 10 – it would be good to understand this a little more. We are selling products via our website and on Amazon. We have a shopping feed setup from our website, but the products are not appearing. Could it be because we are also selling them on Amazon too?

Emmanuel Flossie
Reply to  Squidgy Designs
6 years ago

Hello Squidgy, It’s a policy violation to have the same product advertised multiple times on Google Shopping. If you are targeting the US, you need to be aware that Amazon has started advertising. Having your own company list products and Amazon at the same time means you are taking an unfair advantage, which is a violation. You will notice point 10 is in effect if your account is suspended. I recommend starting with the basics, such as checking if your products are approved and that the titles describe the product accurately. Than ensure your Adwords campaign is correctly set up.

If you need any further help, please let me know.

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