Why Searching For Your Own Ads On Google Is A Bad Idea

Inadvertently Sabotaging

First and foremost, searching your own ads leads to lower ranking and higher CPC. And here is why: when you search for your own ads when served in the results it creates an impression. Every time an impression is triggered and the ad is not clicked on, it leads to a lower CTR (Click Through Rate). In Google Ads the ranking is partly defined by CTR, meaning that a lower CTR will lower your ad rank and increases your CPC costs.

Thus sabotaging your own advertising efforts.

I know everyone wants to see their own ads, instead use this great SEA Testing Tool., it puts you in preview mode and thus does not trigger impressions. For more advanced data use dimensions or reports. All of these tools will give you all the information you need and are accurate. Allowing you to make decisions based on educated data.

Inaccurate representation

The second issue with searching your own products is that the results are inaccurate. Google takes into consideration the historic and projected search data of the browser if you are logged in using your email data, location, the ad performance, etc… There are over 200 data points Google uses to place an ad in the ad auction. Essentially each user will see a different result. Alongside historic data, it also takes into consideration what you are clicking on. If for example, you click on a lot of competitors your own ads will show less or not at all compared to competitors.

Clicks are also influenced, if for example you search for your competitors than ads are most likely going to be shown from them rather than your own.

Essentially creating biased information.

Create useful report in Google Ads, these can be emailed to you weekly.

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