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Premium Product Data Feed Management Solution

Helping Merchants & Agencies Improve Ranking & Publish Products To Google Shopping

FeedArmy helps with existing feed solutions, consultations, management, policy violations & more…

Over 325+ customers a year use FeedArmy, including:

Key Fundamentals Towards Success

Setting up a successful advertising campaign starts at the core.

Data Feed

A high quality and complete data feed, is the basis of your advertising ranking.


Setting up & maintaining an effective shopping campaign is key to increased sales & return of investment.


Increase conversions by improving your website quality, trust factor & checkout.


Knows Google Ads and Google Merchant Center

Emmanuel Flossie is a Google Certified Partner & Platinum Product Expert

What is it? Google Partner is Google's platform for agencies and online marketing professionals who want to get the most out of there relationship with Google. Emmanuel takes Google Shopping and Google Ads marketing seriously. Why does it matter? It means that Emmanuel is trusted by Google and that clients can trust Emmanuel, too. This gives Emmanuel a range of benefits, including access to the latest online marketing technologies and industry research.

Feed Management

Google Shopping has a very complex policy requirement which is updated frequently, learning everything yourself or even with trial and error can lead to your Google Merchant Center account being suspended. Even checking your feed every week for issues, is a big task. Instead of letting you get a headache, why not leave all the complexity over to a specialist, making sure your feed is 100% correct. Emmanuel will also make sure that any future policies, requirements or improvements are implemented. Allowing you to stay ahead of your competitors.


FeedArmy is run by Emmanuel Flossie whom has over 12 years experience in eCommerce advertising, he has built up a great amount of knowledge. The foundation of experience started in the UK, where he worked for over 8 years. He is also a Platinum Product Expert at Google's Official advertising forum, which is granted to individuals who have expressed knowledge in Google Ads & Merchant Center and have a helping mentality.


Don't need a management service? That's OK, Emmanuel offers a full consultation and explanation on what needs to be improved to achieve your goals.

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Alan Ojeda
Alan Ojeda
6. January, 2021.
Wow, working with Emmanuel has been the greatest experience ever! I was struggling to find a true competent marketer and he over-delivers every time! He is fast, efficient, and transparent every step of the way. If it weren't for Feedarmy my store would be really struggling right now, thank you!
Jeremy Briggs
Jeremy Briggs
31. December, 2020.
True hero of ecommerce optimization. Emmanuel's expertise is exceeded only by his generosity for helping others accomplish their goals. I'm impressed, sir. Thanks so much.
Khương Trần
Khương Trần
25. December, 2020.
My Merchant Account was disabled under "Unacceptable Business Policy", Emmanuel was very professional and detailed. After around 1 month, my account was successfully reinstated, really would recommend his service 🙂
Sumanth J
Sumanth J
12. December, 2020.
Emmanuel was extremely helpful. It was very clear what I will be getting and when I will be receiving it. Highly Recommended.
Paola Adame
Paola Adame
7. December, 2020.
Emmanuel was responsive and he helped me with the problem I had with G Merchant Center. Eventhough he used difficult terms in his emails he was very patient taking the time to explain.