What Can You Learn From Landing Page Performance in Google Shopping

You can now view product landing page performance metrics in Google Ads for Google Shopping products.

Google Shopping Product Landing Page Metrics

Why Is This Useful

In certain situations, it is not possible to view the performance of products on a product by product level. For example, if you have smart shopping campaigns or structures that limit the ability to subdivide your products down to the item id.

Then viewing the performance of the product landing page, becomes extremely useful. You can view the following metric categories:

  • Performance
  • Viewability
  • Conversions

What Can We Learn

We can learn multiple things, from understanding why specific products are no longer converting, we can see performance over time, compare from previous periods and see what the top or worst performing product landing pages are.

Where Can I See This Data?

Log in to Google > click on your shopping campaign > landing pages

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