How To Get Amazon Products on Google Shopping

This article is written to educate merchants in avoiding policy violations, misconceptions, wasting money and big headaches 🙂

Can I Advertise My Amazon Products on Google Shopping?

Simple answer, no you can’t. Google Shopping requires you to claim the website. As you are not the owner of, you can not claim the website.

I See Other Amazon Merchants Ads On Google Shopping?

I see other amazon merchants ads on google shopping

Yes, this is possible; this is because Amazon advertises on the merchant’s behalf.

When Setting Up Your Own Website

If you plan to set up your website, or you already have one. And your products are advertised by Amazon on Google Shopping. Then you can not advertise your products again on your site, if Amazon is advertising your products. This is because it violates the unfair advantage policy.

You need to choose one or the other, but not both. Or an alternative solution

An Alternative Solution

You can split your products up, sell a collection on Amazon, and a collection on your own website.

Essentially you can sell everything on your website, simply make sure that you do not advertise the products that are available on Amazon.

I See Other Merchants Sell On Both

Stop Violating Google Shopping Policies

Yes, merchants violate policies all the time; however, all violations will eventually get caught, and the merchant will get suspended.

Can I Ask Amazon To Stop Advertising?

This would be the best option. If Amazon stops advertising your products on Google Shopping, then you can advertise your own website. However, as you have no control over these ad placements, you will never be 100% sure. So taking their word on it will not be the best option.

For example, if Amazon does place an ad of your product and you get suspended by Google. You can not get your account unsuspended.

Can I Publish Amazon Products On My Website?

No, Google shopping requires the payment gateway to be on your website or using a 3rd party payment gateway. You can not have the add to basket button redirect to a different site. Only the checkout payment can be redirected to a 3rd party payment gateway.

Success Story!

FeedArmy Offers Success Stories

I have one client that was heavily advertising and focused on increasing there own Amazon store. While they had great successes and with profit, from the beginning, I mentioned that any ad spent towards 3rd party sites is wasted! You might think, how is this possible when the client is successful?

When advertising, you are spending money, essentially investment. This investment needs to be maximized. One dollar spent towards your website has a higher value than one dollar on your Amazon store.

Common forgotten values are retention, loyalty, trust factor, personalization, social retargeting, attribution model, brand awareness, etc… All these values are lost when not advertising your site.

Also, advertising towards Amazon, will stop gaining a benefit when a customer starts clicking on other products. You do not have any further value. So you can only hope for direct sales.

If you advertise instead of your website, you start to open up lots of doors. The customer can now click on other products within your site. You gain remarketing data, to use for advertising or expanding on affinity or similar audiences. You build up a trust factor, personalization. More essential, you are creating brand awareness; customers will start to recognize your brand.

So with this client success story, after one year of trying to convince them, I was able to stop all their amazon ads (During this period, I was only advertising Shopping on their site). This was also only possible due to my demonstration of how successful I was in growing their own website’s sales. Now working two years with this client, we are continuing to see growth time over time.

Why Did I Write This Article

I care about my client’s business and having clients waste a huge amount of money on setup, fees, time and more does more damage to the company, then from the get-go following policies.

There is a high risk of getting a lifetime ban by attempting to set up and advertise on Google Shopping. So if you ever change your business strategy in the future, you will not be able to advertise on Google Shopping, due to this ban.

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