Created on 16 July, 2020 | Updated on 11 December, 2022
Wrong Pricing In Google Shopping

Wrong Pricing In Google Shopping

Wrong pricing in Google Shopping can happen, in this article I will explain the steps to eliminate certain common issues.

Step 1) Check The Feed

First check if the data feed has the correct pricing? For example in FeedArmy, go to Edit Tools > Manual Editing

For other tools, check the app or check the data feed file itself.

If the price is wrong, then make sure to update the data feed info. For FeedArmy, simply click on Fetch & Schedule and make sure you have enabled the update rules for Price and Sale Price.

If the pricing is correct, follow step 2.

Step 2) Check Google Merchant Center

Check that Google Merchant Center has been updated. Go to Products > All Products > select the affected product > scroll down and view Final Attributes.

If the price is wrong, go to Products > Feeds > click on your feed > and click on fetch now. The data will then be processed and can take up to half an hour to 2 hours.

Google Merchant Center Fetch Now

If the price is correct, wait up to 24 hours.

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