How To Remove Products in Google Shopping Or Merchant Center

How To Remove Products in Google Shopping Or Merchant Center

A simple guide on removing products from Google Shopping using Google Merchant Center or Google Ads: Before we start, let’s have an introductory explanation.

Why Would I Want To Remove Products?

  • Low performing products
  • Low conversions
  • Products that are out of stock
  • Products you don’t want to sell for other reasons

Do Note

Google automatically stops advertising products that are out of stock within 24 hours.

Removing a product for an extended period will negatively affect your historical ranking. It is better to let Google automatically control the ads to reduce the adverse effects.

So, if you don’t want to change the effects for shopping ads, you can still use the excluded_destination attribute for excluding display_ads only.

Try Improving Before Removing!

If you have a product with low conversions but high CTR, then maybe it’s not the problem of the product but an issue on the landing page or checkout.

If your product has high impressions but no clicks, maybe try to improve the following:

  • Better image
  • Better Text, Description
  • Competitive pricing
  • Try adding Google Promotions

If all of the above have failed and you are not receiving the desired outcome, excluding the product is a good idea.

Option 1) Exclude In Google Ads By Item ID

In Standard Shopping Campaigns

You can exclude a product by item ID inside your Google Ads Product Listing.

Click on your Google Ads Shopping Campaign

Google Shopping Campaign

Click on your product group

Google Ads Product Groups Listings

Click on subdivisions (arrow down) until you are at the item ID level. If you have not subdivided your products, have a read on how to implement subdivisions for your Google shopping campaign.

Google Ads Standard Shopping Campaign Subdivisions

You can now click on the Max CPC column cell to change the bid option. Here you can choose to select exclude and then click on save.

Or you can click on the radio button and exclude it that way.

Google Ads Exclude Product Group Listing

In Performance Max Campaigns

In Google Ads click on your Performance Max Campaign > Asset groups > Listings Groups

Performance Max Asset Group

Hover over All products and click on the edit icon

Google Ads Performance Max Edit Listings Subdivision

Now you can choose Item ID

Google Ads Performance Max Subdivisions

You can now check all items you want to include, and everything else will be excluded.

Google Ads Performance Max Subdivisions Item ID

And you can also exclude individual products after this step by changing the status from enabled to excluded.

Google Ads Performance Max Exclude Item ID

Option 2) Delete Or Exclude Products in Google Merchant Center

You can exclude products using the excluded destination attribute using feed rules or a supplement feed.

Using feed rules by going to Google Merchant Center > Products > Feeds > click on your feed > feed rules

Google Merchant Center Feed Rules

Click on the blue plus icon and select excluded destination.

Within data sources select the id equals {enter your id} and set it to shopping ads.

Exclude ID Using Excluded Destination

You can also exclude IDs using a spreadsheet.

Go to Products > Feeds > and click on add supplement feed. Then enter a name and select Google Sheet from a new template.

In the header (A1) enter id and in the header (B1) add excluded_destinations

In A2 add your product id and in B2 add Shopping_Ads

Here is a example:


Now process the feed and within half an hour the products are updated to be excluded.

Option 3) Delete The Product From Your Data Feed

Please remember that the historic ranking could be removed by deleting the product from the data feed. Ensure you do not reuse the Product ID for products other than the same product when the product is deleted.

Pro Tip

You can set up an advanced exclude rule using Google Ad scripts, and the data feed processes the spreadsheet to automatically exclude products based on rules. For example, exclude based on low-performing products.

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2 months ago

For some of my categories the number of items are more than the 1000. Google dont let to add items id. what to do then? and it looks messy using the items ids.

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