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What is Google Merchant Center Promotions

What is Google Merchant Center Promotions?

Google Merchant Center promotions are a feature that allows you to add coupons, discounts, sales, and more on Google Search, Google Shopping, and Google Images.

Common misunderstanding.

A common misunderstanding is that Google Promotions is a checkout redemption system, so you can not apply markdowns. Most merchants will have a discount running on all products before adding them to the basket. But Google Shopping Promotions are required to be redeemed at the checkout. For example, your promotion is (Get a $25 discount when your order is $150 or more), then this calculation needs configuration in the checkout. Likewise, free or discounted shipping needs to be configured in the checkout and can not be applied before adding it to the basket.

How does the promotion look like on Google Shopping?

How can I add this feature

Google Merchant Center (GMC)

You can also add promotions directly in GMC. For example, when you log in to Google Merchant underneath the performance button, a promotions button is located under Marketing. If you can not see this, please read I can’t see the promotions button.
When you are in the promotions section, click on the blue plus button. You can now add promotions.

I can’t see the Promotions button in Google Merchant

Some of you might not be able to add a promotion feed, no need to worry. You can request the option to be activated.

By simply going to Google Merchant Center > Growth > Manage Programs > Promotions > Click on enable.

In which countries can I use the Promotions Feed?

Currently, you can only have the promotion available in the following target countries.

  • US
  • UK
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • India
  • Canada

A promotion must be

A promotion can not be

  • Markdowns/advertised price reductions. (Discounts and promotions must not already be reflected in the SKU price on the Google Shopping product page or your product landing page, but be applied at checkout or point of sale.)
  • Free shipping or discounted shipping with no code required. (Free shipping and discounted shipping promotions MUST include a valid code.)
  • Mail-in rebates.
  • Of insignificant monetary value (less than 5% or $5 off).

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