Google Adwords How To Create Subdivision Product Listings?


Google Adwords How To Create Subdivision Product Listings?

Here is a guide on how to create effective Adwords Campaigns for Google Shopping, using subdivisions.

New UI

Create A New Shopping Campaign

Login to Adwords and make sure you are on the Campaign tab, by clicking on the campaign menu. Than click on the big blue plus sign

Google Adwords Create New Campaign

From the campaign type section, choose Shopping.

Google Adwords Campaign Type - Shopping

If you have multiple Google Merchant accounts or data feed target countries, please select them from the account options and click on continue

Google Adwords Shopping Account SelectionEnter the required data

  • Campaign Name
  • Daily Budget

Click on Save and Continue.

Google Shopping Campaign Settings

  1. Select Product Shopping
  2. Enter a Ad Group name
  3. Set a default bid

Google Shopping Ad Group Creation

To add subdivisions, hover over the all products product group, a plus sign will appear. Click on the plus sign.

Google Shopping All Products

You can now choose the subdivision type

Google Shopping Choose Subdivision Type

You can choose a top level subdivision, one you have created your first subdivision level, you can create further subdivision using other division types and finally even add all the individual products by selecting item id.

Old UI

1) Create a Product Listing Campaign

Create a new Campaign and select Shopping, fill out the details and click on create.
Create Adwords Shopping Campaign

2) Create an Ad Group

Create an ad group, I suggest giving it the name of the category or custom label you are going to start with.

3)  Create Ad Group Subdivisions

Go to your newly created campaign and click on your ad group. In this example I just created ad group#1

Adwords Test Shopping Campaign


Click on the plus sign next to All products

Google Adwords All Products


Now a pop-up appears allowing you to choose which subdivision type you want to start out with. You can choose any as your top-level tree / parent.


Adwords Shopping Subdivisions


When you have selected your top tree, always have everything else in ‘all products’ excluded. You can do this by clicking on the CPC bid and select exclude. We need to do this so that our other ad groups do not overwrite bids from each other.

Adwords Exclude Everything else in All Products

You can continue with this process to further narrow down the tree to branch out in other areas, by selecting any category, product type, custom label etc…

Want to know how to create custom labels for your data feed?

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