Created on 14 May, 2015 | Updated on 5 July, 2021
Google Adwords How To Create Subdivision Product Listings?

Google Ads How To Create Grouped Shopping Campaigns Using Subdivision Product Listings?

Here is a guide on how to create effective Google Ads campaigns for Google Shopping, using subdivisions.

Create A New Shopping Campaign

Login to Google Ads and make sure you are on the Campaign tab, by clicking on the campaign menu. Then click on the big blue plus sign.

From the campaign type section, choose Shopping.

If you have multiple Google Merchant Center accounts or data feed target countries, please select them from the account options and click on continue

Enter the required data

  • Campaign Name
  • Daily Budget

Click on Save and Continue.

  1. Select Product Shopping
  2. Enter a Ad Group name
  3. Set a default bid

To add subdivisions, hover over the all products product group, a plus sign will appear. Click on the plus sign.

You can now choose the subdivision type

You can choose a top-level subdivision. Once you have created your first subdivision level, you can create further subdivision using other division types and add all the individual products by selecting item id.

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