Emmanuel Flossie Award

Emmanuel Flossie Receives Product Experts Summit 2023 Tailwind Champion Award

Every year, Google invites all Google Product Experts for a summit (PES), where new product features are introduced.
This year’s summit was hosted for four days in London, partially in the Hilton Hotel in Paddington and the other half at Google’s Campus at Kings Cross.

It allows us PEs (product experts) to meet other PEs in the community and for us to ask questions about Google’s products.

We are a technical bunch, so the Google Ads PEs had some thorough questions.

Not only that, we also get to see betas, new programs, and features, which are always excellent.

At the end of each summit, we sit at the awards, where Google nominates a handful of PEs for extraordinary help.

For example, two years ago, I received a Google Products Experts Education Award.

This year, I received the Product Experts Summit 2023 Tailwind Champion Award.

The tailwind program is the backend tool of the community, and you could say it’s an advanced forum.

The award was presented by both Chih-Pin Hsiao and Kevin Perkins Tailwind Tech Leads.

Emmanuel Flossie Receives Tailwind Award 2023

Award introduction:
Among all the PEs Chich-Pin would like to especially thank one in particular. This PE’s expertise, knowledge, and experience are truly exemplary. In addition to answering user questions with pinpoint accuracy, this PE also contributes fantastic content to the community videos. And has given us great feedback to help us improve the generative answer feature. The Google Ads community would also like to specifically thank this award winner. This PE has incredible technical expertise, especially in Google Shopping and Google Merchant Center. He has helped thousands of users surface many bugs and feature requests. In addition to all the variable input, he has provided in generative AI on Tailwind. I am happy to announce that this year’s tailwind award goes to Emmanuel Flossie.

Google Expert Summit 2023 Award Winners
Tailwind Champion Award, Awarded to Emmanuel Flossie
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Sharon Brunet
5 months ago

Wow, nice to be recognized and awarded. That’s an honor! Love the pic!

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