Emmanuel Flossie Received Google Product Experts Education Award 2021

I want to thank everyone in the Google and Product Expert team. We are many great people, all to help each other and anyone who has a question. It has already been a great experience and ready for many years.

I started with the Google Ads community way back in 2016. Only a handful of community members were actively part of the product expert program (then called Top Contributor). 2022 has seen a remarkable growth of new members moving up the ladder, which is great to know that we have a growing community.

Over the years, I moved up the ladder from Silver Product Expert to GoldPlatinum, and now the ultimate achievement of Diamond Product Expert.

Joining the community provides me with product updates, virtual hangouts, beta opportunities, events, and additional perks, allowing me to stay ahead of the curve. It also allows me to understand and adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

Being a product expert allows me to learn a lot when helping other merchants and agencies resolve issues, mainly surrounding Google Shopping. With this knowledge, I can improve my own business, assisting clients to achieve better goals, which results in great reviews.

Spending my professional time checking the community every day also helps me identify global issues, which allows me to reach out to our Google Community Managers to escalate matters. This also helps me understand, what are global problems, and what are specific account issues.

Spending a lot of time assisting other merchants and agencies and creating helpful tutorials and videos has given me the chance to win the 2021 Education Award. Which I am grateful for.

Who doesn’t like to receive an award! 😀

Google Product Experts Education Award

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