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Emmanuel Flossie Named Top Contributor At Google’s Advertising Community

A couple of weeks ago I received an email to become a Top Contributor at Google’s advertising community. This is a great honor and a privilege.

What is a Top Contributor?

Top Contributors share their knowledge in Google Help Forums and Help on Social and have helped countless people get answers to their Google questions. As a ‘thank you,’ Top Contributors are rewarded with many Google goodies.

Why is it great news?

It shows my core mentality and mindset, to help others with questions and improve there experience with Google products. The ever-evolving questions on Google’s forum allow me to constantly improve myself and that of others. This also allows me to improve my abilities and help my clients in succeeding in there advertising efforts.

Great reviews from current clients:


Which fields am I specialized in?

I’m specialized in the following areas

  • Website
    • Website Policy Validation for Google Shopping
  • Google Merchant
    • Data Feed Creation (FeedArmy and others)
    • Data Feed Management (FeedArmy and others)
  • Google Adwords
    • Shopping
    • Showcase Ads
    • Shopping Actions
    • Display
    • Search Network (Text Advertising)
    • Mobile Ads
    • Gmail Ads
    • YouTube (Trueview)

Need Help?

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