Buy on Google for YouTube

Buy on Google for YouTube

Update 25th October 2023, Hiroki Tanaka discovered that Buy on Google for Youtube will also be removed. As per the official documenation.

In July 2023, Google announced a significant change to its e-commerce model. Initially, I read that the “Buy on Google” feature would no longer be available. Fast forward to September 2023, and the information has been updated (or I did not read the info correctly): Buy on Google will remain functional for YouTube when integrated with Shopify and the app Google & YouTube. However, the feature will be phased out for Google Search and Shopping platforms. Interestingly, Google has also introduced a new feature that somewhat mirrors the functionality of Buy on Google, known as “checkout link templates” or the UI version.

I was puzzled when Google still had the retailer standards guidelines in the Google Merchant Center UI. Upon rereading the documents, I can confirm that Buy on Google would continue post-September 26, 2023, albeit just for YouTube.

Google Merchant Center Retailer Standards

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