2nd Mehod For Adding Checkout Link To Your Products on Google Free Shopping

2nd Method For Adding Checkout Link To Your Products on Google Free Shopping

Just two weeks ago, I mentioned that you could add the checkout link in your data feed for free shopping listings. Now, you can enable the feature within Google Merchant Center.

Google Merchant Center Checkout Link

However, the feature is not very customizable regarding adding specific identifiers. This feature only allows you to add the product ID value as the identifier. For example, if you use Shopify, the value will generally look like shopify_US_123456789_123456789. However, the direct checkout link will only use the variant ID, for example, 123456789.

Most of my clients would use the SKU value as the ID. However, Shopify can only use the variant ID to add the item directly in the checkout.

I am sure Google will allow any submitted attribute to be used in the future. However, as of writing, this feature is rather pointless due to its limitations.

Google Merchant Center Checkout URL Structure Limitations

So, I recommend setting up a checkout link attribute in the data feed instead. You can customize these using your app/tool options, feed rules, or even a supplement feed and manually create your values.
While I like how Google wants to simplify the integration, as always, Google does not implement new features with much foresight.

Where Is This Feature?

You can find the checkout link by going to:

  1. Google Merchant Center
  2. Gear Icon (top right corner)
  3. Business Information
  4. Checkout (Tab)
Enable Checkout Link In Google Merchant Center

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