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Understanding Warning priceValidUntil In The Structured Data & Data Testing Tool

Understanding Warning priceValidUntil In The Structured Data & Data Testing Tool

The priceValidUntil is not a new attribute and has existed for many years. However, you might think it is new due to Google’s structured data testing tool, giving you warnings since the end of last year.


When seeing warnings (not errors) in Google’s structured data testing tool, it is there to notify you of optional data. This means there is no requirement, and it also means there will be no SEO penalty. It also means only fill in the attribute value if it is appropriate.

Common Fixes

The most common fix is to add an end date. You can, for example, add a date that expires in a year. Make sure you do this dynamically so that the date gets updated every day. Do not add values manually, and you will forget about it, and then at one point, Google will think the price expired.

What Is priceValidUntil?

The date after which the price is no longer available.

When Should I Use It?

You can use the priceValidUntil attribute if you have a price drop and you know when this price drop ends. However, you can also just set the expiry date to next year and have it dynamically updated every day.

How Does It Look like?

As you can see in the example below, in the offers element, you can see priceValidUntil.

  "@context": "",
  "@type": "Product",
  "name": "MY TITLE",
  "url": "",
  "sku": "MY SKU",
  "gtin13": 123456789,
  "productID": "517672730687",
  "brand": {
    "@type": "Thing",
    "name": "MY BRAND NAME"
  "description": "MY DESCRIPTION",
  "image": "",
        "@type" : "Offer",
        "priceCurrency": "GBP",
        "price": "16.10",
	"priceValidUntil": "2021-08-09"
        "itemCondition" : "",
        "availability" : "",
        "url" : "",
		"image": "",
		"name" : "MY TITLE",
		"gtin13": 123456789,
		"sku": "811533B979S",
		"description" : "MY DESCRIPTION"

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updated every day ?

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How do you “have it dynamically updated every day.”?

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