Install Google Ads Conversion Tracking In Wix

Step 1) Create a Google Tag Manager Account

If you don’t already have a Google Tag Manager account, you can create one here:

Then create a account from the dashboard for your website.

Now add your account and company name and choose website from the target platform choices. Click on create and agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 2) Installing the GTM Tag

Now you will see a popup simply close it. At top right corner you will find your container ID. Copy this to your clipboard.

Go to WIX and navigate to Settings > Tracking & Analytics and click on Google Tag Manager button.

Now paste the GTM Tag in the popup (make sure to remove spaces)

Step 3) Setting Up GTM

Let’s go back to Google Tag Manager and create a new variable. Variables > New

From here add the name Sales Value (can be anything you like), and click on Variable Configuration and choose Data Layer Variable

Add the value for Data Layer Variable Name ecommerce.purchase.actionField.revenue and click on save.

Let’s create a Tag by going to Tags > and click on New

Give the tag a name > click on Tag Configuration and choose Google Ads Conversion Tracking from the list.

Now go to Google Ads > top right corner > tools and settings > click on Conversions.

Google Ads Conversions

Click on the blue plus icon and choose website from the start tracking dashboard.

Click on Use Google Tag Manager

Copy the conversion ID and Label and paste it in Google Tag Manager corresponding fields. And in the conversion value field, select your variable. In my case this is {{Sales Value}}

Then in Google Ads click on continue, so that you finished the setup.

Click on the triggering box, you will now see all pages, instead of clicking on this, click on the plus icon in the top right corner.

Choose Custom Event and add the value purchase and click on save, then save again for the tag.

Now submit & publish the workspace and you are done.

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