Google Shopping for Image Search

Google Shopping for Image Search

Google Shopping for Image Search

Google has announced it’s rolling out Google Shopping Ads on Image Search results.

This will have a huge impact on increased traffic, especially for mobile devices. With mobile devices globally overtaking desktop devices, it is all but important to optimize and improve for the ever-growing landscape of mobile devices. According to Google, the mobile searches has increased by 30% last year.

With many people looking at image results to get an idea of what to buy, it is a smart move to start listing Shopping Ads in image results.

The ad results are shown in a horizontal carousel with a maximum of 15 products, an added cool feature in the image search results are filters to alter / narrow the search results which reflect both the ads and image results.

Currently the ads look very similar to the normal images displayed, which might lead to a higher bounce rate. So keep an eye out on your ROI.

There is nothing you need to do to activate this feature, it is already added in the Google Search Network.

When is this going to start?

This has already been launched as of 16 May 2016.

Is this launched on all devices?

As of writing this article it is only active on mobile devices. So don’t forget to check your Devices Bid Adjustments

What should I do?

I recommend you double-check the PLA settings for bid adjustments. Ensure your mobile bidding is not set to -100%

If not already done have a mobile ready website, with more than 50% of traffic being mobile, it is very important to have a fast and clean working website. You can check if your website is mobile ready with Google’s mobile testing tool.

Not only is the website important to be mobile ready, but also your checkout. Ensure that is easy to use and quick. I have written an article about how important the checkout is and what you can do to improve.

How can I see the search terms triggered on Google Images?

Currently there is no way to segment Web, Shopping and Image search terms.

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