Google Shopping Buying Options

Google Shopping Buying Options

Buy on Google has now been discontinued.

When buying a product from Google Shopping, you can choose up to 3 different options. 1) Going to the merchants website, 2) Buying from a nearby local store 3) Directly from a retailer on Google.

Google Shopping Options

1) Direct To Retailer

The first and most commonly known option is the Google Shopping Ads that when clicked on directs the user to the retailer’s website. This requires a product data feed.

2) Local Stores

The second options are by submitting a local inventory feed to Google Merchant Center so that users that want to buy in the store, can do so.

3) Direct on Google From Retailer

The third option is by using Google Express, ie: Shopping Actions to allow the user to buy the product directly from you from inside Google.

This increases the trust factor as these purchases are covered by Google. Not only that, it simplifies the purchasing as the card and shipping details are already saved in the users Google profile.

These ads will not only show in the traditional Google Shopping search section, but will also be integrated in Google Assistant, Google Search, Google Images and on Youtube.

Google Assistant

Users can use their voice or touchscreen, to search and buy products on there device.

Google Search

You can buy directly in search for relevant search terms.

Google Images

When browsing images you can purchase all items from what you can see, in the image.


Users can buy items what is currently in the video while continuing to watch the video.

How to setup?

Make sure Shopping Actions is available in your country, currently France and the US. You can fill out the form here.

Then simply submit your product data feed.

I have already onboarded several businesses into the Shopping Actions program, with great results.

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