How To Enable Shopping Actions in Google Merchant Center

How To Enable Shopping Actions in Google Merchant Center

Before I delve in how to set up Google Shopping Actions, I would like to explain what it is. By enabling shopping actions you can enjoy a new source of traffic by showing ads when users use Google Assistant, not only that, you can also show up in Google Search and Google Express.

By using shopping actions users can buy instantly inside Google Express or Google Assistant. Google uses a commision based system, so any sales you make, through Google Actions will be invoiced at the end of the month.

Step 1) Request Form

As of writing this tutorial, Google Shopping Actions are still in beta and only available in the US. To request for this option to be available, fill out this form.

Step 2) Enabling Shopping Actions

If you have an existing feed

Log in to Google Merchant Center (GMC) > Products > Feeds > click on your feed > Settings > click on the country of sale > check the box next to Shopping Actions > Save

Enable Shopping Actions In The Feed

If you are creating a new feed connection

GMC > Products > Feeds > Blue Plus Button > Check the box next to Shopping Actions

Enable Shopping Actions In The Feed

Step 3) Add Tax Settings

If not already completed, add your tax settings in GMC > Tax

GMC Tax Settings

Step 4) Add your Shipping Settings

If not already completed, add your shipping settings

GMC Shipping Settings

Step 5) Add Returns Policy

Go to Return Policy and click on add default returns policy

GMC Add Default Return Policy

Fill out the form as per your returns policy, then click on save.

GMC Return Policy

Step 6) Adding Customer Contact Email & Accept Terms of Service

Go to Shopping Actions and add your customer contact email address

Choose your marketing options

Add your privacy policy page

GMC Shopping Action Setup

Scroll down, read and accept the terms of service

Step 7) Testing

As of writing this tutorial, the testing button is greyed out, however, you can click on it and complete this section.

Shopping Actions Testing

This will now load up a set of tests you need to complete, follow each individual steps.

Shopping Actions - Complete Testing

Once you have completed all the steps, click on request final validation

Final Step

When you are approved and you do not have an existing shopping campaign in Google Ads, then create one. You can create a standard or smart shopping campaign.

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