How To Enable Search Console in Google Analytics 4 & View The Reports

How To Enable Search Console in Google Analytics 4 & View The Reports

Compiling your organic search data within Google Analytics 4 streamlines data visualization, consolidating it all in one accessible location. To integrate your Search Console data into Google Analytics, follow the following tutorial for seamless activation.

Google Search Console in Google Analytics 4

Connecting Google Search Console to Google Analytics 4

You must be an administrator to link the accounts.

  1. Go to Admin
  2. On the far right column you will see product links
  3. Now click on Search Console Links
Google Analytics 4 Link Google Search Console
  1. Click on the blue link button to link your account.
Google Search Console Links
  1. Click on Choose accounts
Choose Google Search Console Accounts
  1. Choose your property and click on confirm
Choose Property
  1. Click on next and select your web streams
Select Web Streams
  1. Hover and click on GA4 web stream
Choose a data stream
  1. Click on next, review the linking and submit.

Setting Up The Report

  1. Go to reports > library
Reports Library
  1. Click on create new report and select create detailed report
create new report
  1. From the templates select Google organic search traffic
Google organic search traffic
  1. Save thee report and repeat the steps above and also create a report from queries (image below)
  1. Create your collection and choose search console
Create a GA4 collection
  1. Publish your collection

Now you can view your queries, and landing page reports

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