Chinese New Year Google Advertising Tips

Chinese New Year Google Advertising Tips

Relevant Keywords

When crafting your ad campaigns, it’s essential to integrate keywords related to the Chinese New Year. This could include terms like “Chinese New Year Gifts”, “Lunar New Year Sale”, or more specific phrases like “Year of the Dragon” (for 2024). These targeted keywords help reach the audience looking for festive deals and gifts.

Vibrant Colors

Using bright colors like red and gold is crucial in your visual advertisements. These colors are synonymous with luck and prosperity in Chinese culture. Incorporating elements such as Chinese lanterns and the zodiac animal of the year, which is the dragon for 2024, can enhance your ads’ cultural relevance and appeal.

Chinese New Year Shampoo Bottle


A discount, preferably more than 5%, can be a major attraction for customers during this festive period. Such offers can drive both interest and sales.

Ad Extentions

Use available ad extensions, including site links, callouts, and promotions. These extensions provide additional information and direct links to specific pages, enhancing user engagement and the effectiveness of your ads.

Google Ads Assets

When To Start

Start your promotional campaigns about six weeks in advance. As the Chinese New Year falls on 10th February 2024, I plan to have everything set up by the first week of January. This timing ensures your campaign aligns with consumers’ time to prepare for the festivities.


If you’re operating in a region with a significant Chinese demographic, like the United States, consider creating promotions in Chinese. Additionally, cater to other communities within your target countries participating in the celebration.


Create a particular landing page for the Chinese New Year on your website. This page should feature festive decorations like lanterns and dragons (2024) and detail your promotional offers. Additionally, place a prominent banner on your homepage linking to the Chinese New Year landing page with a brief promotional message.

User Generated Content

Something not many merchants utilize is user generated content. This means asking your customers to submit a photo or video celebrating chinese new year. Which you can than feature on your social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Adding Promotions

You should definitely add promotions in Google Merchant Center and Google Ads.

Don’t just add promotions as an asset in Google Ads. Also, create unique campaigns tailored explicitly for the Chinese New Year. This approach ensures your promotions stand out and are more effective.


Finally, monitor the success of your promotions. Use the Performance Dashboard in Google Merchant Center and Google Ads to track key metrics. This data will help you understand the impact of your campaigns and guide future marketing strategies.

In Google Merchant Center Classic go Performance > Dashboard > Promotions

In Google Merchant Center Next go to Performance > Promotions

Google Merchant Center Promotion Performance

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