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What is a Google Shopping Management Tool

What is a Google Shopping Management Tool?


What is a Google Shopping Management Tool

A Google Shopping Management Tool enables you to do tasks that are otherwise complicated or time-consuming. There are a wide range of Software as a Service (SaaS ), Plugins and Stand alone Applications (APP) Tools.

Types of Management Tools


Software as a service is a great web application that enables you to manage your products online using the software companies servers. The great advantages are that you don’t have to worry about installing new updates. The slight downside is that when you are using an online service, you are at the hands of that companies hosting platform. So for example if there are many users and the server is not fit to scale, than problems can start from slow connections, to delayed importing, etc…. SaaS is very popular and an excellent choice for people who don’t want to understand how it works and just want to get it done and have an easy platform.


I don’t know any Management plugins but if there are any than these are always tailored to your eCommerce Platform. These plugins are a great way to connect your data to Google Shopping. The downside of using plugins is that the developer not only needs to update the tool when the eCommerce platform makes a change but also when Google shopping makes a change. Plugins compared to SaaS or Stand Alone Apps require more work to maintain and thus could delay new features depending on each developer.

Stand Alone Applications

Stand Alone Applications are very similar to SaaS, instead of having the tool hosted on another companies website, you have it hosted on your own web hosting company. The benefit is that all server resources are yours and will benefit in having the maximum amount of processing power (depending on your server). In today’s privacy, most SaaS collect your data to sell on to third-party websites or use it for other means. Having the ability to install a tool on your own server allows you to control your own data without anyone else snooping around.


How do I make a choice? Well as we FeedArmy provide a standalone application, we don’t want to put words in your mouth and hope that this article explains it in a fair way so that you can make your own choices.

I know what software type I want, what features do I need to look out for?

From importing, to exporting and everything in the middle. Creating a full list of tools will be hard. But will try our best to list as many features to look out for.

  1. Import methods : Import tools are a time-saving mechanic, from simply uploading a CSV file to connecting to 3rd party websites. If you are on an eCommerce platform it is important to know how the import is handled.
  2. Automated Imports : Some tools use an API or CronJob to automatically collect all data for you, so that you don’t have to do it every single time you update a product.
  3. Editing : This is a very important feature in our eyes and every tool should allow you to edit products independently so that you can optimize your product details to outrank your competitors.
  4. Improvement Suggestions : Are there any suggestions as to how to improve the quality of your products, to increase conversions?
  5. Exporting : Al thought this should be available in every type of software, exporting to Google Shopping is a required feature.
  6. Adwords : The ability to edit your CPC in the management tool, if you prefer not to use Adwords itself, you can edit the CPC in the management tool.
  7. Additional Export : Some tools allow you to export to multiple market platforms like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, etc…
  8. Price : Obviously this is one of the biggest deal breakers, do you want to pay per month or buy a single license? What is the price etc…
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