Vehicle Ads Now Available in Australia for Google Shopping

Vehicle Ads Now Available in Australia for Google Shopping

Starting inĀ February 2024, advertisers in Australia will have the opportunity to use vehicle ads to promote their cars on Google Shopping. This new feature will eventually be expanded to other countries as well.

Google Shopping Vehicle Ads

Vehicle ads are a type of advertisement that focuses on performance and can be seen across different channels. They are specifically designed for customers actively looking to buy a car and browsing on These ads display an image of the vehicle and essential details such as the make, model, price, kilometers, and the advertiser’s name. Customers who click on the ad will be directed to the Vehicle Description Page (VDP) on the advertiser’s website. Here, they can take further actions like contacting the dealer, filling out a lead form, or performing other actions before visiting the dealership.

It’s important to note that vehicle ads only support the promotion of cars themselves and not vehicle parts, accessories, tires, or services.

To participate in this new feature, Australian vehicle advertisers must upload their vehicle feeds in the Merchant Center and run Performance Max campaigns in Google Ads. By doing so, they can serve vehicle ads to potential customers. Make sure to follow all specific vehicle ad policies as well.

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