No Longer Disapproved Due To Missing Contact / Return & Refund Policy For Free Listings

No Longer Disapproved Due To Missing Contact / Return & Refund Policy For Google Shopping Free Listings

Google has yet again made changes to when products are disapproved. This is another change with many others, such as client log in, and website needs improvements that no longer get your products disapproved, but limited performance instead, which is a significant step forward in reducing the stress from not getting products active. Now products can get listed just limited.

The new changes involve insufficient contact information and a missing return and refund policy.

Insufficient contact information

Make sure you have at least one contact method. However, if your overall trust score is low, it is recommended to add all options. I recommend you add the following:

  • Contact Form
  • Email Address (matching the domain name)
  • Telephone Number
  • Business Address (where you operate from)
  • Social links

Make sure your email, telephone, and business address match 3rd party public websites, all Google accounts, and all 3rd party accounts linked to Google.

Return and refund policy

Ensure you are clear about what your return policy is.

Under what circumstances do you offer a return? For each of the listed items below, you need to explain what happens in each scenario.

  • To cancel an order
  • Damaged on arrival
  • Faulty manufacturing or broken after use (What is your warranty)
  • They changed their mind
  • For an exchange
  • Or it’s a wrong product

Explain the initial steps a user must take to initiate a return, such as do they need to call you, do they email you, or do they need to submit a contact form.

Also, explain what documents they need to show and if they need to take a picture of the product.

Also, explain the complete steps to initiate a return, such as an address, email process, what info they need to give you, etc.

Explain when your user can expect a refund (how many days?) and if the refund is to their card, item of equal value, or a store gift card.


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