New 64-Bit Merchant IDs - Don't Worry

New 64-Bit Merchant IDs – Don’t Worry About Google’s Merchant Center Integration

Recently, Google Merchant Center announced it would change the Merchant ID format to 64-bit. This change has concerned some merchants, wondering if it would affect their accounts.

It’s important to note that the change is not applicable for merchants who use TSV, XML, or FTP file formats and do not require Merchant IDs when submitting data to Google Merchant Center. This is because when using these file formats, the data is submitted as a file, and then added directly to the platform without needing a merchant ID. Therefore, merchants who use these file formats to submit their data can rest assured that they will not be affected by any changes to the Merchant ID format in Google Merchant Center.

For merchants who use custom content API, should communicate with their developers to ensure that their software or app is updated to support the new format.

That said, if you are using content API using an app from an eCommerce platform such as Shopify, you may not need to worry about this change. Many app providers have already updated their systems to support the new format, so their users do not need to make any changes. If you are unsure whether your app provider supports the new format, you can contact their support team to confirm.

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