Created on 12 August, 2015 | Updated on 16 August, 2019

How to write a Return & Refund Policy Page for Google Shopping

Google Merchant Center Returns & Refund Page Requirements


In this article I will explain which topics you need to write about when creating or updating your Return Policy page for Google Shopping. By no means is this article 100% correct as Google does not cover what you have to do, this article merely covers the basics.

1) Link

A link to the return & refund policy must be visible at the footer of the page (bottom) on the following pages

  • Home Page
  • Product Landing Page

2) Cancellation Period / Timeframe

You will need to explain what the cancellation period is. (15 days, 30 days, unlimited, etc…)

  • After Purchase and Before Delivery
  • After Purchase and After Delivery

For example :
In the UK you have to provide a 7 day cancellation period after delivery. Which is required for all online goods. (Distant Selling Regulation)

3) Method of Refund

Are refunds returned to the same form of payment used, store credit, anything else.

4) Damaged / Defective / Incorrect Goods

Damaged, defective or incorrect goods can always happen, explain what your policy is.

For example :
We will arrange the goods to be collected / swapped over at our expense

5) How to request a return or a refund

Explain what the procedure is to receive a refund or to return goods. Phone, Email, Form etc…

6) Shipping & Packing Costs

What are your shipping & packing charges.

  • Which couriers do you use?
  • Do you deliver worldwide? If so what are the costs associated?

7) Delivery Charge on Returning Goods

Cover if the consumer will need to pay for sending goods back to you or if its free / return value.

  • Do they need to pay for the initial charge?
  • Do they get a refund on the delivery charge?

8) Products Returned Exceeding the Cancellation Period

Mention if consumers can return products after the cancellation period.

  • If so what amount or percentage will they receive?
  • Explain what the procedure is. Phone, Email, Form, etc…

9) A link to Terms and Conditions

From within the Returns Policy, a link to the terms and conditions is recommended

10) What is the policy on returning goods

If a customer no longer wants to the goods, do you allow refunds / returns?

  • If you do accept returns or refunds explain what the procedure is. Phone, Email, Form, etc…

You can refuse refunds on non damaged goods, however you do need to clearly state this in the policy.

11) Refund Policy Language

The language of the refund policy must be in the native language of where the data feed country is targeted.

If you are targeting multiple countries withing Google Merchant, you must have the policy accessible in all languages

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