How To Fix Non Family Safe Content In Google Merchant Center

How To Fix Non Family Safe Content In Google Merchant Center?

As of the 21st of November 2023, you will notice new warnings in your Google Merchant Center diagnostics tab highlighting Non Family Safe Content issues.
Non Family Safe Content refers to adult-oriented products (e.g. erotic clothing, sexual enhancers or profane content). More info:

Google Merchant Center Non Family Safe Content Warning

How To Fix?

First, identify the reason, as with all of Google’s newly introduced errors or warnings, launched with zero intelligence/knowledge. This means Google’s algorithm for this specific detection needs to learn over time what is a violation and what is not. So you will get a lot of false positives. This overtime learning is done when merchants submit complaints, ie requests for reviews on each product.
You can do two things: request a review or edit your titles/descriptions.

Request a Review

  1. Go to Products
  2. Diagnostics
  3. Click on Non Family Safe Content
  4. Click on a product
  5. scroll till you see Item Status
  6. Click on Restricted adult content
  7. Choose I disagree with the issue.
Google Merchant Center Non Family Safe Content

Edit the Titles / Descriptions

This means you must check your titles and descriptions out of context. Then, remove the potential word triggering Google’s bot from misunderstanding.
I will provide examples below that allow you to understand what I mean.

Example 1

For example the following title is something a client wrote: FAST Relief! Baltic Amber Teething Polished Lemon Pink Rose Quartz Anxiety 11 Inch Newborn – 1 Year Necklace + Bracelet Set

If we check the title and read it out of context, we can see that FAST Relief can be associated sexually.

So, the solution is to rewrite the sentence or remove the words. In this case, Fast Relief! It will violate other policies within Google, so we will want to remove it regardless.

Example 2

Here is another example of a client selling embroidered bathrobes. They have created the following title: Deluxe Terry cotton with bride for boobs breast cancer CUSTOM TEXT Embroidery bathrobe

In this case you should remove boobs.

Example 3

The followin example is a description. This client wrote the following:

Made in Italy from the finest cashmere this wonderfully soft two-in-one knitted cashmere snood in rich navy and mid-grey can be worn as a double snood or as a snood cum hood It is made by linking two circular snoods together giving a casual two-tone effect as a classic neck-warmer. It can also be worn with one of the snoods pulled over the head as a cosy hood for cold winter days.

As you can see there is a word cum, that is the cause of this flag.

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6 months ago

have been facing this for all the GMC accounts. yes, most of them are false positive. Its annoying.

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