Created on 22 May, 2017 | Updated on 5 July, 2021
How To Fix Google Merchant Logo Image Rejected

How To Fix Google Merchant Logo Image Rejected

There has been a significant influx of merchants submitting their logos to Google Merchant. Submitting your logo to Google Merchant Center is beneficial as it will be used in display, showcase ads, shopping actions, local inventory, etc.

When submitting a logo, there are some criteria.


  • Logo aspect ratio must be 1:1 (minimum 500*500) or 2:1 (minimum 1000*500)
  • Recommend to use SVG alternatively PNG
  • Filesize cannot be larger than 5MB or 2000 pixels

Common Rejection Issues

Unreadable logo

In many cases, the logo is unreadable in very small sizes, yes you are submitting a 500*500 square logo, but when Google uses the image in practice, the logo can be as small as 50 pixels. This causes the text to be unreadable.

Here is an example on the left of what most merchants do, and on the right, what you should do.

If you would use the left image, you will start having trouble reading the brand name.

If you rearrange the logo to make it bigger, it becomes easier to read.

Incorrect aspect ratio

Make sure your image is 100% square (500*500 pixels) or for the rectangle logo absolutely 2:1 (1000*500 pixels) And not 999*500 pixels.

You can check the size of your image:

Windows : Find your image > right click > properties > in the popup select the details tab

Mac : Find your image > ctrl+click > get info

Remove any watermarks

As much as you like to protect your intellectual properties, you can’t have any watermarks.


The background must be white or transparent

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Wrick Bucog
Wrick Bucog
1 month ago

Thanks. Logo uploaded.

11 months ago

So google would like me to change my company branding just so it suites their criteria. No thanks. The branding is the identity of the company, the logo is not meant to be read, even if it contains words, it is recognized as an overall shape by clients

Đặng Văn
5 years ago

However if you do want to submit the logo, there are some criteria.

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