Created on 13 June, 2015 | Updated on 21 July, 2016
How to add negative keywords to Google Shopping

How to add negative keywords for Google Shopping

How to add negative keywords to Google Shopping

Before we start adding negative keywords, we will need to find the searched keywords first.



How to find searched keywords.

When you select your campaign you can ether first select your ad group.

Google Shopping Ad Group

When you are in the dimensions tab under view, select search terms.

Google Shopping Dimension Search Terms

Now that you have found your search terms you can start by excluding them.



How to exclude search terms

Go and click on the keywords tab

Google Shopping Keywords

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see negative keywords, click on the plus sign if it’s not already opened.

You can now add negative keywords to ether the ad group or the whole campaign. A good tip is when you have a keyword for example review you would want to add it as a Negative keyword in the shared library so that you can use the same negative keywords for other ad groups or campaigns.

Make sure you know the difference between, broad match, exact match and phrase match.

And that is it, there is a whole level of human physiology when it comes to the search terms so it is very easy to accidentally add negative keywords that are actually needed to find your products.

Or to add it in the wrong match type.

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