How to add another website to Google Merchant Center

In Google Merchant Center you are not restricted to only one website. If you are a merchant or an individual that owns several different websites, you can request a multi-client account.

Having a multi-account will allow you to add multiple domains and also have distinct merchant names for each added domain.

The only requirements are:

  1. You already have an existing Google Merchant Center account
  2. You have already verified one domain

What is a multi-account good for?

If you own one business with multiple countries TLD’s (top level domain ie: .com. .fr. .uk), than to target each Google Shopping country requires you to register these TLD’s to a new account. Instead of creating multiple Google accounts with a new email address, you can simply use one account (multi-account) to register all the websites.

If you are a marketplace owner you can then register an account for each of your marketplace resellers.

Agencies can also benefit from a multi-account when managing client accounts

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