Google Updates Monetization Policies on Climate Change

Google Updates Monetization Policies on Climate Change

As we all know, fake news and unreliable claims have been the mainstream on social platforms and YouTube. As a result, we advertisers, merchants, and brand conglomerates have long complained about ads showing alongside content against global scientific knowledge.

The unreliable claims are topics such as fake medical cures, anti-vaccine advocacy, and now climate change denial.

As of now, Youtube will prohibit ads from appearing next to content that contradicts well-established scientific consensus regarding existing and the causes of climate change.

Topics include climate change hoax or scams, claims to deny long-term global climate warming, and claiming to deny greenhouse gas emissions or human activity contributes to climate change.

Google uses both automated algorithms and humans to review and enforce the new policy for Google Ads and videos.

What To Expect?

If you have noticed that your ads are usually shown next to unreliable claims or fake news, expect your impressions, clicks, and wasted budget will go down.

The new policy change will allow you to use your budget on content more in line with positive morals.

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