Google Shopping No Online Purchase Means

Google Shopping No Online Purchase Means

If you have received a suspension from Google Shopping saying, no online purchase means, than this article will help you resolve your issues. There are several reasons that point towards this violation. If non of them are helpful, than please contact me for assistance.



If a customer requires to login before they can see the product price or buy a product, than this is against Google’s Policy. When a customer lands on the product page, they need to see the price and buy button without any any login requirements.

0 Quantity In Add To Basket Button

Add To Basket Button Quantity 0

When you have a quantity field, than a value of 1 needs to be pre defined. If for example the value is 0, than in most cases it does not allow you to add the item into the basket. Changing the pre defined value to 1, allows the customer to click on the button and make a purchase. If it is set to 0, than this means there is no online purchase possible.

Country or IP Blocking

Geo Blocking

If you block certain countries or IP’s from seeing the add to basket button, or have blocked other elements from the landing page, than this is a violation. You can not block any country or IP, any customer that clicks on the ad, must be able to purchase the product. Regardless of where they are located.

Personal Information

Personal Information

If your checkout collects a name, email address, delivery and or shipping address, than you need to make sure the checkout is SSL secured, meaning that the checkout has to be https and not http


Landing Page Pop Up

Having popups that partially or fully blocks the ability to purchase the product, is a violation. If you do want to have a popup, than place it in the corner where it does not block any product information and remove any page shading effects. The customer needs to be able to see product information and make a purchase without the requirement to close any pop ups.

Checkout Signup

Register Before Checkout

If you require to register or login before buying, than this is not aloud. A customer needs to be able to make a purchase as a guest checkout without the requirement to register or login.

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