Google Shopping Actions Return Policy Update 30th October 2019

Google Shopping Actions Return Policy Update 30th October 2019

The Shopping Actions return policy does not allow items exceeding specific weight and length dimensions.

For returns initiated after October 30th, 2019, merchants will be responsible for the freight cost of returned items that exceed those policy requirements.

Action required:
Review the items on your feed and make sure that your return-eligible items can be returned without any special packaging requirements. Check that your items (including packaging) do not exceed the following dimensions:

  1. Maximum weight: 150 lbs
  2. Maximum length: 108”
  3. Maximum dimension: (length + 2 x [width + height]): 165”

If an item does not meet the requirements, you can do one of the following:

  1. Independently manage the return experience for items that exceed the policy requirements. Share your customer support details with Google in this form to ensure that Google Customer Support can get in touch with the right person in your organization to handle these returns directly.
  2. If you take no action, Google will return the items via its freight partners, and you will be automatically billed. The return costs will be reflected in your settlement report.
  3. You may remove these items from your Shopping Actions feed.

If you have any questions, contact Google at [email protected], reach out to your Google point of contact or contact Feedarmy below.

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