Created on 2 September, 2015 | Updated on 30 November, 2021
Google Merchant The URL is Unavailable for Claiming

Google Merchant The URL is Unavailable for Claiming

You might have received a message saying The URL has been claimed at a higher level.

This happens when another Google Account has already claimed the top-level domain. For example, you have registered in the original account, while in the new account, you are trying to claim Notice that the new account we are trying to claim for a non-www format.

Google considers a lower level.

If you are 100% sure you want to claim your website in the new account, you will need to claim the higher level, (including www).

When you try and claim the exact URL, you will notice that Google is notifying you that another Merchant Account has already claimed this URL. You can now click on continue and click on verify again.

Note that your old account will have lost the claim on the website, and all data feeds will stop working.

And it is recommended that you only have 1 Google Merchant Center account. Having multiple puts you at risk of getting a suspension.

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Raimo Niemelä
1 year ago

HI! Coming this notice. i can’t get google advertising how to fix this situation?
“The URL is unavailable for claiming because another Merchant Center account has already claimed this URL at a higher level”

What this proplem repair?
Best Regards Raimo Niemelä

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