Google Merchant Center New Availability Value

Google Merchant Center New Availability Value

Today, I found a new value that Google quietly launched, which Google did not even update the official documentation. When creating feed rules for availability in Google Merchant Center, a new value called limited availability can be seen.

Google Merchant Center Availability - Limited Availability

As there is no official info in Google’s documenation, I reached out to my contacts and the following has been confirmed.

Google has confirmed that product partners can use a placeholder value in the quantity attribute when they don’t want to share the exact product quanties. These placeholder numbes can be based on the specific levels that could be defined as follows:

  • In-Stock: More than 3
  • Limited availability: 2 or 1
  • Out of stock: 0

Therefor, a partner can use values 2 or 1 to indicate limited availability. This means that the product is available, but only in limited quanties.

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