Google Launches Shopping Insights Notification on Chrome

Google Launches Shopping Insights Notification on Chrome

Last week, Google launched promotions for the Google Chrome Browser. Now, Google is allowing consumers to get a notification when product prices are lower on your website compared to competitors.

This feature is currently available in the US only. You do not need to do anything for this feature to become active.

This function does require the consumer to take action. By going to your website’s product landing page, the user needs to click on a Shopping Insights button, which will open the Shopping Insights panel.

This panel will show the price range of the product based on stores across the web.

Price history over the past 90 days.

And a save and track toggle, which allows consumers to sign up for email alerts if the price drops.

Consider taking advantage of this feature by periodically offering sales drops. Make sure it is more than 5%.

Google Shopping Insights Panel
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